Safex News interview with Ivana Ćurić, HR Manager for Balkaneum

Late last week i interviewed Ivana Ćurić, the Lead Talent Scout and HR Manager for Balkaneum. I felt it was important to have this conversation so investors understand the processes going on behind the scenes.

A lot of focus lately on the blockchain being developed; but it’s also wise to consider what type of people are developing the blockchain, and that the right environment is being created to promote innovation, productivity and consistency.


She seems to have positive energy, the team will need it when it nears the deadline.

Thank you for sharing this interview. Very transparant and positive.

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Very much appreciate your efforts to tell this unfolding story and to continue sharing it with us in the myriad ways you do.

Let us know how we might support your efforts as well. Always like to know if there are ways to contribute to the overall movement of SAFEX.


Ivana seems very capable, she is a great addition to the team.
Found her article on Medium, if anyone is interested to read, not just listen


Thank you Richard for this interview. Love how you’re thinking of investors mindsets and letting us come along for the ride. Very much appreciated.

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