Safex News mining pool launched!

Hi all. I’m pleased to announce the official launch of the Safex News: Safex Cash mining pool.

This is the first of our network of pools, with a second one being added in America, and a third one in Australia.

We will be introducing a whole bunch of easy-to-follow guides to help beginner miners take part in the mining process, as well as some more advanced guide for the experienced ones.

I’m really grateful to PsychoSterope at CN Pools and Alexo at Cool Pool for all their help, and the rest of the Cryptonote-NodeJS-Pool community too.

In the next few days we will add a pool summary/overview page to covering all the known pools to give the community a wider choice of pools. Our overall goal is to spread the hash rate, ensuring there is no centralization of mining power (which can obviously result in network issues if it gets taken down).

As always, any feedback, suggestions or ideas, please feel free to submit.


Hey Rich, any chance of being allowed back onto discord , this perma ban is a little too harsh !!