mainnet (stagenet has moved)

Fellow safexians,

to my delight a lot of you have been using the site during test- and stagenet phase.
with the new release, and the activation of the twm functionality on the blockchain being on the cusp, i have updated the site to work on mainnet, and it is now awaiting first offers.

for stagenet data please now go to, where you can still use it while working with stagenet.

For both stagenet and mainnet content is now only being displayed after i have assesst the offer/seller, so not everything will popup instantly.

Looking forward to upcoming TWM. Let’s all together make it a success!

As of now, awaiting twm api, the same RPC nodes are available for mainnet as for stagenet. Thanks @cryptooli for hosting node 5 :slight_smile:


Great work @Lomax :muscle:


Thanks @Lomax, good stuff!