SAFEX offline wallet

Guys I need to know is there is anyway to store SEC coins offline? or is there is anyway to store it online in a SAFEX wallet? as it’s not safe to store them on online exchanges; Please guide me step by step I’m a newbie.


@dlans94 check out this thread: How do I store offline safex coins from bittrex?

We have an offline desktop wallet in the works. Just a big snag holding us up from pushing to you for use. We’re getting that back on track. In the meantime, you should store your coins on the offline address and you can import it later when we’re ready with the wallet.

If you desperately need to access your offline safex coins. You can import them to


This is very relevant to why SAFEX development is working on a desktop wallet.

Here’s why…

The obvious problem is the same thing I’ve been pointing out since day one. We need independence from central exchanges. That means individuals control and trade ALL their crypto assets independent of 3rd party control.

Centralized Trading is a double edge sword, continuing from Mt Gox. I hope SAFEX and Chille Network can bring Decentralized Trading, free from 3rd party control. You’re on the right track @dallyshalla, keep pushing!