SAFEX on Bittrex

hi,i have had safex coins in Bittrex. What should I do for Airdrop and hodl ?

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Get the Safex coins off Bittrex and into your private wallet. Download the official wallet from the Safex website

Instructions will be given in the coming weeks on how you can participate in the airdrop. Keep an eye out for it.

Finally, make sure you create backups of your private keys and wallet files. A video tutorial can be found here:

For now, however, the most important thing is to get your Safex off Bittrex and in a private wallet you have control over.


Hi,I send my safex pc wallet 4 days ago but it still has not come.
what should I do?

my address: 1Cuv4yJ9ggCZURjppv2eoiR52KZTzJzKmV
txid: 356a5cefa3025e9b1609988c59ea1872d8137db180940ed83c1e1ee9771ddeae

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Open your wallet and look below your address. There should be a button that says “to archive.” Click it. Now there should be 2 tabs above where your address was that say “home” and “archive.” Click archive. On the archive screen it should be similar to the first screen, but with “to home” blow your address. Click this and return to the home screen and it should display. shows your coins are there so it’s most likely just the common display bug.


Hi again,I solved the problem.Thank you very much.

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You’re welcome :).