Safex on Stellar

Dear Creators!

Did you consider to add safex to the stellar open-exchange?
Adding Safex to Stellar would make it much easier to buy and trade.



@sujkosz I’m not on the developer team, but describe how you see this benefiting Safex ecosystem.

I would like to help with research where I can on things than can make the Safex platform more prolific.


Thanks! The benefit is quite obvious as stellar is a decentralized exchange so this is another exchange on which safex could be traded on and could gain more visibility.
Based on discussion on another thread, I have already engaged stellar foundation and am awaiting for the instructions on how to connect safex.


@sujkosz, hopefully you get a response, and can find a developer who can be trusted to put it together.


@sujkosz now i understand your perspective. Yes, in deed i can see how this is an added advantage.

I am a developer, just not on Safex team, so I’ll dig into any developer guides and see if there is anything that can be boiled down into something tangible… Maybe even try to get to a point of what action steps would be needed to be taken so this can be looked at by the core dev team…


hi sujkosz, is this what you mean with the Stellar open exchange?


Let’s say, hypothetically, a SFX/XLM pair could be established. Then this would already be competitive to the relatively more expensive BTC and USDT fees, since XLM can be bought easily with EUR or USD and with a very low tx fee (and fast!). This could result in more accumulating, or even better: stimulate the Safex marketplace activity with the native currency SFX. Seems like a win-win for Stellar too, drawing more attention to their ecosystem with a quality project like Safex.


Hi @THINKER @dandabek , here is the link that I was pointed to by the stellar team and I am in the process of reviewing it Overview – Stellar Documentation.

Hi @vacsetron, this is the link but only one of many interfaces to the stellar exchange. Here are few others and a list here Tools - Stellar. Stellar is already on the mainstream so the most benefit will be for SFX to get more visibility thanks to Stellar…