SAFEX on the biggest conference in South Eastern Europe

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BELGRADE – September 21. 2017 – Safex Developers D.O.O. is continuing in their mission of crypto culture demystification to a wider audience in Balkans. After scheduled Tokyo Crypto Conference, Safex Developers are proud to announce the beginning of new collaboration with Cortugli Business School and confirmed attendance on the biggest Blockchain Conference in South Eastern Europe – Blockchain Adria – scheduled for October 14. In Rovinj, Croatia.

”Since our company is based in Serbia the South Eastern Europe is such an important place for the Safex world, ”said Daniel Dabek, CEO of Safex Developers D.O.O.”We are glad to be invited on this event to collaborate with Cotrugli Business School to proliferate our expansive experience and approach to Crypto Currency in our home region.”

Blockchain Adria Conference is coming at very important times for Safex Developers D.O.O. After a great success in Crypto Conference in Poland at the end of July, Conference in Rovinj will affirm our position in crypto community and also, be another stepping stone in bringing our ideas and visions to people on Balkans and all around the World.

”Affirmation of Safex Developers D.O.O. not just like a ”blockchain developers” but also like a company that will share the vision behind original concept cryptocurrency is built on, means a lot for us. Our journey to bring knowledge to all the people around the World, starting in Serbia and Balkan Countries is just the beginning of our wonderful journey. We want to differ, not only in a way we form our company, but also in a way we approach to our community and mainstream public. We are thankful that we can do it on the biggest Blockchain Conference in the South Eastern Europe”

The event will encompass lectures and demonstrations of different aspects and advantages of this technology, its areas of usage, as well as examples of regional initiatives based on blockchain. This is not only an opportunity for knowledge acquirement, but also a chance for all COTRUGLI Entrepreneurship Festival attendees to find inspiration for possible solutions on which they may work, as well as for others to meet potential partners. Blockchain Adria is scheduled for October 14. 2017 and will take place in beautiful town of Rovinj on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula.

About Safex Developers D.O.O.

Safex Developers, doo is a blockchain software development company and studio that provides advisory, development, and marketing to support blockchain infrastructure implementations. Its focus is on proliferating safe crypto currency usage, procuring marketplace infrastructure and advocates for privacy methods in blockchain development in order to secure accumulation of wealth in crypto currencies. To learn more, please visit


It’s BOOMING ON BITTREX! Keep up the great work! I’d buy more if I could!


I want more bad too. Wife will kill me if I buy more.


I have friends jumping onboard tomorrow, buying 5K USD and another buying 3K USD worth! I’m doing my best to promote this. Let’s push this to 100 million market cap.


OK, I’ll sneak some more past her. GO SAFEX


That’s the beauty of crypto assets, ITS ANONYMOUS, she won’t know!


Congratulations Dan and Team SAFEX!

So glad to hear of the information and knowledge sharing that you are part of. It is so important to educate, educate, EDUCATE! The young people at the university are the future of the blockchain space and the more they understand it, the more they are likely to participate in it.

Keep up the great work!


Keep up the good work guys!!!


Nice to read this post Team! Im so excited for the future of Safex! Im just a small holder but im in all the way!


Is it just me or do I hear the sounds of this freight train’s engines firing up?


Nice to hear that! Keep up the good work!


What!? No one here has figured out this is a very intelligent way to recruit more devs!?


@radskir My wife doesnt know :wink:


Thank you for all the hard work. Your attention to detail and communication with the community is unmatched in this space. We sincerly appreciatte it.

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Go Safex! Keep this tempo! You are future of crypto!