Safex on the move :-)

Safex on the move, quite a big move today and yesterday before whitepaper etc. exciting times - any thoughts?


112% … :slight_smile:


I’m just glad the wallet bug is fixed now.

We’re top 100!

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im soo happy :smiley:

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Its a huge step to get into the top 100 prior to marketplace and white paper. Finally safex is showing its huge potential


Finally starting to see it’s true value now people have realised what Safex is! I posted this on Reddit and my blog

Some of the rise is people buying the news of the whitepaper release. But some whale(s) will have bought early and will sell once the whitepaper is released. So expect a drop when the whitepaper is released (or just before)

I am expecting that but i am in the for long term, just happy at the progress!! Good luck everyone and keep up the support!!

Wtf a drop when there is good news i dont think so

Same here. Long term

We saw the price rise from 20 Sats to hover arounf 60 sats then broke 100, then the news of the wallet and btc rising saw safex reach around 800 sats then when the wallet was released the price dropped to around 300 as the p n d whales sold then the btc forks and fun/games saw safex drop to below 100 which was in line with the other alts dropping

Now the rising tide is lifting all sensible coins and along with the news of the white paper the price is rising very fast. From years of watching safex, the rise is too fast to be just new people buying and definitely has an element of whale manipulation (p n d). It may rise much higher then drop back 50-60% of the rise. Typically its up to 80% of the rise that a coin will drop, but since there is a rise in most alts at this time due to btc rise, I’d lay bets of a 60% retrace. So if it hits 400 then thats around a 300 rise and the drop could easily be 180 back to 220 sats. But could be lower.

This is not bad news though. It would still be a doubling of the low we saw before


So if I wanted to sell some of my safex and buy back when the price falls is now a good idea?
I am sitting on (only) around 30k but would like to get more.

For all my words above I would advise against that. What I said is only a prediction and not a surety

The markets have done stranger things. Who knows the price of BTC might double in 2 days and safex more than doubles and never comes back to 300. You would lose big time.

A seasoned person with plenty of safex might risk 50K and that would be only a portion of their holdings. But at 30K you simply don’t have enough to make it worth while. But of course the decision is yours and yours alone.

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Have to agree on many points here. We want to see a 50% retrace as a show of good health and proper gains.

Although I don’t think the whales are able to pump in the current trend, we’ve been watching them buy up large chunks of Safex, so they will dump (same as an institution would anyway).

All very positive in general though as the end result is wider adoption and investment from proper investors

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Yes they would have already bought up most of what they will dump. The last 10% of buying by the whales will be to push the price up that last 25% in price. Been watching them (and others) buying while the price was 95 to 110

Thank you for that :slight_smile: And thank you for reminding me how little safex I have :frowning:
I was aiming for 100k but the price rise beat me to it. Still I’ll get as much as I can by the end of this year. I believe the price will drop back a little but I can’t be sure of course. So far I have only been a holder or an investor if you will - never a trader. I’ve been reading this forum for a few months now, only registered today :slight_smile: