SAFEX or SafeX moniker?

I routinely refer to coinmarketcap as a way to track the market cap and unit price of Safex and other crypto projects. Today I noticed that coinmarketcap has a listing for a crypto refered to as SafeX (sfex). While the acronym is obviously different than SFT or SFX, I posted a screenshot below which clearly shows that Dan @dandabek trademarked the SafeX moniker to refer to The World Marketplace, INC.

In another screenshot, we have someone else using the SafeX moniker. I couldn’t find any information on SafeX (sfex). Does anyone know anything about them?


I found their webpage;

Also in coinmarketcap if you clic on the “socials” tab you will find their tweets.

So they went with SafeLaunch - SFE - and later they added the X to SFEX (safeX) with a 1 to 1 migration or airdrop;

" The SFE token has been replaced 1:1 by SFEX. [See here for more info] "

Maybe it was unintentional, but they should be informed I think ?

I think it was kind of ok for them to use and play with the “safe” wording but they should be told that safe+x “safex” as been taken and is no longer available for use.

I propose they rename it safeR :slight_smile:


Regardless of intent, accidental or not… this is trademark infringement… and any other infringement you might like to add to that sentence.
They will know Safex exists already so I am guessing its a scam ultimately, at a guess.

In any case, either way, it should be shut down immediately or a alternatively a major name change right away.


This absolutely can not be an accident, they copied directly our content; obvious fraud going on here.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we are acting immediately on this. Thank you again, we count on these catches. :pray: :bowing_man:

Safex belongs to the Safex Foundation non profit corporation 501 (c) 3


Wow really, they copied content…

Well I guess in these times we live in I shouldn’t be so surprised.

Hey on the bright side it shows we are making waves a rocking boats !

Sometimes being a target is a measure of success !


They are on twitter


Looks like SafeLaunch (SFEX) dropped SafeX from their branding:

Gladly, there is only one SafeX!


1 down… 1 to go…