Safex Price Forecast Up

This may or may not mean anything because I have no idea what this guy uses to make his predictions, but over on, its moderator, “GDSL” from Oslo, Norway who seems to have started out in 2013 as a bitcoin forecaster ( is currently forecasting long and short term outlooks for 67 alt coins. He uses two graphs for each coin, a short-term graph and a long-term graph.

The graphs display a red line for future price declines, with a green line indicating an upward trend. Most of the alts he forecasts are either mixed (long term up, short term down, or vice versa) or short term and long term down, which is consistent with the high attrition rate of alt coins.

Here’s where it gets interesting: Out of 67 coins forecasted, only 6 (Safex, Neo, Iota, Aragon, B.A.T, and show both long and short term rises. He says Safex should be worth about 6 cents by the end of 2017.(But he also believes that BTC will be worth $9200 at the end of 2017.)

As I said, I have no idea what his methodology is- like everyone else he probably reads white papers (problematic with SAFEX as there is still no white paper available online- only a 3 year-old abstract, which I find a little worrisome), looks at the dev team, sees the niche the coin proposes to inhabit and its proposed function in that niche, and recent events.

It’s notable to me that even with the recent problems with the wallet roll out that he predicts an eventual sharp rise in the price of Safex.

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