SAFEX question

What’s in store for SFX? The product built here is unique and well thought out with the artist and user in mind. I think the greatest feature will be LICENSING yourself within the smart contract​:astonished::shushing_face:!!


@LosMontana9, if you are new to Safex and this forum, I recommend you take a look at the website. There’s a blog available from the website where you can learn a lot about Safex.

But for starters, Safex is a project that was founded by Dan Dabek to provide an anonymous and decentralized ecommerce platform. To accomplish this, the Safex development team produced the Safex blockchain which hosts the Safex marketplace. The currency for goods and services on the marketplaces is SFX, also known as Safex Cash. However, to establish yourself as a vendor on the marketplace you will need SFT, also known as Safex Token. Additionally, once you possess SFT you may participate in revenue sharing based on a portion of the ecommerce that is generated by the marketplace. Your share of the reward will be in SFX.

The development team has also created a one-click miner that relies on POW, also known as Proof Of Work mining as another way to earn SFX.

The Safex development team has recently completed a Windows, Linux and Mac based wallet, known as the TWM wallet, where an individual such as yourself can register as a vendor and list your products. The wallet is expected to be released very soon. Once released, ecommerce activity should begin soon afterwards, giving the development team an opportunity to focus on other potential uses for SFT, SFX and the Safex marketplace and blockchain. In addition to @dandabek and his development team, this is a community driven project. Many in the community greatly assisted in its development with marketing, testing, coding, etc.

Welcome aboard!


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