Support FAQ - Please Read THIS before Posting a Question

1. Migration of old Safex (BTC/Omni)

If you are a Coinspot Exchange customer, and you left your old coins on the exchange, then good news - Coinspot completed migration of all held coins. You need to contact Coinspot Support and arrange transfer to your private Safex wallet (after Mainnet version of TWM Wallet is released).

2. Is there a 1-click Miner for the current RandomSFX algorithm?

The current released 1-click Miner was for the old CN8 algorithm and will not work on the RandomSFX algorithm.

The new, updated 1-click miner, compatible with the new RandomSFX algorithm, is currently in a prerelease stage and has some bugs.

Development efforts have been focussed on marketplace code and the imminent TWM wallet release, but it is anticipated that the 1-click miner will get some attention after that is completed.

3. Orbiter not syncing and showing status ‘Updating’ / Double spend error. What are my current wallet options?

Right at this time, the cli wallet is working perfectly.

Orbiter will show balance only for txs that occurred before the v7 hardfork, which occurred on 23 December 2020 at block 605700. It will not update balances subsequent to that block (but they will be on your address, for example, if you sent them to that address from an exchange).

You can send coins that were in your wallet address before the v7 hardfork, but after the first such send tx after the hardfork, you may encounter a double spend error if you try to make more send txs, simply because the Orbiter wallet is unable to update its outputs from the bc.

If you don’t have the technical capacity to use the cli wallet, then you will have to wait for the MAINNET release of the GUI twmwallet, which is expected very soon. Then you simply restore your keys/seed for your address into the new GUI wallet, and your coins will display.

CLI Wallet links:

You can start the cli wallet without having a local node running, IF you add the following switch to the command when you start it…

append " --daemon-address" to connect to mainnet node5 of the rpc nodes provided by community member @Lomax.

You can find your nearest node via his website SAFEX.NINJA - TWM Explorer - Nodes. Connecting to a node close to you will help with sync speeds.

4. Current exchanges trading SFT and SFX


  • (BTC, RSD, SFX)
  • (withdrawal/deposit currently in maintenance) (USDT)


  • (BTC, RSD, SFT)
  • (withdrawal/deposit currently in maintenance) (USDT)