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1. Migration of old Safex (BTC/Omni)

If you are a Coinspot Exchange customer, and you left your old coins on the exchange, then good news - Coinspot completed migration of all held coins. You need to contact Coinspot Support and arrange transfer to your private Safex wallet (after Mainnet version of TWM Wallet is released).

The migration wallet (v7 and v8) will no longer work. The old coin hasn’t been part of the project since migration finished in 2019, and it would appear that the Omni/BTC nodes for the wallet are no longer being maintained.

2. Is there a 1-click Miner for the current RandomSFX algorithm?

The current released 1-click Miner was for the old CN8 algorithm and will not work on the RandomSFX algorithm.

The new, updated 1-click miner, compatible with the new RandomSFX algorithm, is currently in a prerelease stage and has some bugs.

Development efforts have been focussed on marketplace code and the imminent TWM wallet release, but it is anticipated that the 1-click miner will get some attention after that is completed.

3. Orbiter not syncing and showing status ‘Updating’ / Double spend error. What are my current wallet options?

Right at this time, the Safexcore cli wallet is working perfectly, and the TWM v1 wallet has been released by TWM Inc.

Orbiter will show balance only for txs that occurred before the v7 hardfork, which occurred on 23 December 2020 at block 605700. It will not update balances subsequent to that block (but they will be on your address, for example, if you sent them to that address from an exchange).

You can send coins that were in your wallet address before the v7 hardfork, but after the first such send tx after the hardfork, you may encounter a double spend error if you try to make more send txs, simply because the Orbiter wallet is unable to update its outputs from the bc.

You simply restore your keys/seed for your Safex address into the new TWM wallet, and your coins will display.

CLI Wallet links:

Also linked here: - for links to the TWM wallet

You can start the cli wallet without having a local node running, IF you add the following switch to the command when you start it…

append " --daemon-address" to connect to mainnet node5 of the rpc nodes provided by community member @Lomax.

You can find your nearest node via his website Connecting to a node close to you will help with sync speeds.

4. Current exchanges trading SFT and SFX


  • (BTC, RSD, SFX)
  • (withdrawal/deposit currently in maintenance) (USDT)


5. TWM v1 Wallet help

Win/Mac Release link:

Linux Release link:

Note 1: When you restore the wallet, wait at least an hour for balances to appear, regardless of if top block is showing as synced earlier than this. If balances aren’t populated after an hour, hit the Hard Rescan button and leave it another hour.

Note 2: You can click on :gear: to see transaction history appearing while it syncs.

Note3: Password will not save if restored from keys (you will need to restore each time you want to use the wallet). Use mnemonic seed, if possible, as it works flawlessly.

6. Cryptonote Transactions (aka Where did my coins go?)

For the benefit of everyone who will be staking tokens for the first time…

Safex uses the cryptonote system of outputs
When coins get moved, think of it like paper notes in your fiat wallet. If you receive your SFT in a single 100k tx, then you will have one 100k SFT note in your wallet.

When you stake your SFT, even if you only stake 30k, the smallest note you have is the 100k output.

So your entire 100k stack goes into the tx that gets sent to the blockchain for processing.

If you check your balance after you send the tx, but before it gets processed, your SFT will show a zero balance. That is normal. That is because you just handed over your 100k SFT note to the cashier (the blockchain) and you are now waiting for the tx to get processed, and for you to get your change back from “the cashier”.

Once the 30k SFT tx processes, a 70k output will be returned to your wallet, and 30k will appear in the staked balance.

Same for SFX outputs to cover the tx fee.

Same for any simple SFT/SFX send tx, purchase from marketplace, or any other advance tx on the blockchain.

This is how it should work, so please, nobody freak out that their money is momentarily ‘gone’ :pray:

7. Safex Blockchain Basics

  • Your ‘Safex…’ address receives both SFT and SFX
  • Safex is a Privacy coin. Balances are not accessible via the Explorer
  • Mixin (obfuscation) range: 1 - 7 (wallet default = 7 = maximum)
  • every tx requires SFX to pay the tx fee, even when transacting SFT
  • all transactions have a 10-block Pending status on arrival to wallet, before they become part of available spending balance
  • Marketplace Sales Fee: 5% of Purchase tx Cost
  • Fee goes to Rev Share of Staked SFT
  • Minimum Stake Amount: 25000
  • Minimum Stake Time: locked (cannot Unstake) for 8000 blocks (10-11 days)
  • Staked amount qualifies for rev share at the next xxx000 block interval
  • Rev Share calculated at the end of every 1000-block interval thereafter
  • Only SFT staked for the entire 1000-block interval qualify for the rev share allocation gained from purchases made in that interval.
  • Unstake (after the 8000 lock has elapsed) must be a complete Staked amount. A partial Unstake of a staked SFT output is not possible
  • Rev Share arrives in wallet when you Unstake
  • SFT returns to wallet when you Unstake
  • Unstaked SFT and SFX rev share is also subject to the 10-block Pending status before available
  • SFT lock amount for Vendor Account Creation: 1000
  • SFT lock time for Vendor Account Creation: 22000 blocks (30 days)
  • Transaction Fees add to Mining Reward, not Rev Share.
  • Additional info on both coins and the Safex ecosystem can be found at Safex Community Infographics

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