Staking questions

I download the TWM and staked the tokens but the stakes dashboard is not showing anything, advice?

Couple of things…

There have been a couple of reports that the wallet needed to be closed and reopened for them to appear.

But also, patience… has the tx been processed from the tx pool and then the 10-blocks passed before it get seen as a staked amount?

thx, finally appeared…

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Also, note that you have to have a very small amount of SFX (safex cash) on your wallet in order to stake the SFTs.
If you have 0 SFX, when you try to stake, it will just say that it requires 0 SFX as a fee, and once you “confirm” that, nothing will happen - your SFTs will not be staked.

After I transferred some SFX to the wallet, I got the info that there will be a fee of a few SFX required for the staking. After you confirm that, the SFTs will really be staked and you will see them clearly in the “STAKED” section.

An interesting thing (maybe a bug :beetle: ) is that all the SFTs disappear after I staked some of them. After one day, the not-staked ones returned on my “balance” and everything seems alright.

question for @aussiesloth (and others) - when will the SFTs start yielding SFXs? :)) where can I read more on staking?

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@aussiesloth or @dandabek could you clarify whether SFT is staked to a certain wallet, or to the blockhain and any wallet connected to the blockchain through the API. Is revenue sharing from every transaction on the blockchain or from the transaction’s related to a certain wallet?

It would seem as if this is covered here: Will safex and the marketplace be censorship resistant? - #19 by cryptooli

But I am wondering whether you could clarify how this would work?

A staking transaction has nothing to do with any API. It is a function of the Safex core protocol.

All purchase transactions on the Safex mainnet result in a flow of SFX to the fee pool. Every SFT staker is eligible to claim revenue share of said fee pool. This is always valid for any purchase or stake transaction via CLI or any GUI application that is connected to the Safex mainnet. In the end, the TWM (or any other) GUI / wallet is just the tool to form and submit transactions to the network in a user friendly way.

You can compare it with using different wallets for Bitcoin or Ethereum to execute transactions - the blockchain/miners/nodes do not care, which GUI / app is used for the transaction as long as they are all connected to the same network.

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