The Migration Window for moving from Safe Exchange Coin (Safex on BTC/Omni) to Safex Token (SFT on Safex blockchain) ran from 5 November 2018 through 30 November 2019, a total period of 390 days.

The migration requirement was broadcast frequently and widely on social media and in Safex-channels, including the website, forum and Discord server.

If you went through the Migration Process prior to the cut-off time, but failed to correctly register your new blockchain address (visible as the Migration Table not populating) and burn, there was a final grace period of 48 hrs (2 December), to allow people to correct anything.

The grace period is now over, and migration support is CLOSED

If you failed to migrate your old Safex coins (Omni Token) during the lengthy migration window, then unfortunately your coins are no longer of any value, so far as the project is concerned.

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So you should be able to see the numbers, of how many Safex and Safex Cash exists now. Can you please tell us? I’d really like to know how many new Safex tokens exist. It’s just for my own curiosity really.

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