Mac TWM: Reporting issues

And TWM 0.0.9 is an old stagenet wallet, not mainnet. :man_shrugging:

You can not unstake tokens.

You can… if you wait for the required 8000 block stake-lock period.

Where i can get the link for TWM wallet for Mac? I am here and there, says waiting TWM wallet v1!

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Hi there,
While downloading the twm1.0.0 wallet, I have the following problem at the end. Says twm helper(renderer) quit unexpectedly. I have attached the screen shot. Need help
Note: mac os x 10.10.5

Hi aussiesloth,
I have existing keys as i mentioned on the previous conversions, so while I am downloading twm 1.0.0 wallet, am l clicking create new wallet or recover wallet from keys, I am confused?

Scroll up a little way and you’ll see that your old OS is not supported.

You need to Restore from keys/seed (preferably seed) to access a preexisting wallet.

New wallet creates a brand new empty wallet?

The .txt file contains a wallet address beginning with the prefix “Safex…” and contains 4 keys - 2 x spend & 2 x view, with a public and sec (sec = secret = private) for each.

You need the two sec keys to restore. Vs

I have all that you mentioned in the previous conversations, but how’s SEED look like ?

You can restore with Sec keys, but because of a little bug right how using seed phrase is the better option aussiesloth mentioned.

Seed is a List of english words

Don’t know if it’s in the txt files (never used it)

If you don’t have it try restore with keys and look for seed phrase in nur wallet and copy it for the case you are affected by the bug and notable to re-Login

Or if you have Orbiter you can copy it from there

Most Mac users couldn’t use Orbiter, so accessing seed may not be possible that way.

For now @Kaji you will have to restore from private keys each time, Until a new twmwallet is released with that issue patched.

Oh, okay, didn’t knew that.

Is the mnemoic seed phase build the same way as in monero? If so it might be possible to use a private key to mnemonic seed parser for monero?

Beyond the scope of my knowledge :man_shrugging:

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Tried to stake and wouldn’t allow me to enter the amount I want to stake. Only could click the up arrow and add one at a time.

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It’s a v1 glitch… if you minimise the wallet window, then restore it back into view, the field will allow input. Happens for many fields in the wallet.

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I cannot unstake SFT at the moment in TWM wallet. Has anyone had this problem before or know how to fix?

Have you waited the 8000 block lock period on staked SFT?