Safex Roadmap is out!


:arrow_right: Safex Blockchain Launch v0.1

Safex Token from Bitcoin Blockchain to Safex Blockchain Bridge
Safex Token Transactions + Wallet
Safex Cash Airdrop
Safex Cash Proof of Work Mining Start
Exchange Listings

:arrow_right: Safex Marketplace Launch v0.2

Accounts + Reputation
Title Markets
Simple Trade Offer
Safex Token Lock In + Marketplace Fee Earnings
Black Friday to Christmas Shopping Promotion

:arrow_right: Safex Community Initiatives v0.3

Safex Token Voting Application
Safex Development Treasury
Business and Software Development Bounty Platform
Continuous E-commerce and Vendor Shop onboarding
Services and E-business Suite

:arrow_right: Safex Advanced Features v0.4

Arbiter Network
Advanced Escrow Options
Shipping + Logistics Accounts
Decentralized Exchange for Safex Cash and Safex Token


I admit that I was very disappointed that the roadmap is not more detailed, especially that there are no dates.

What about you ? What is your reaction ?


I think it’s ok, we now know where Safex is heading, but when it’s going to happen - who can say for sure?
Safex marketplace is something that hasn’t been developed so far, how anyone can know how much time it requires? I mean at this point, when they start to develop it they will know better what problems are there to resolve and how much time it takes.

“how anyone can know how much time it requires?”
Yes you re right.

But I expected more details for v0.1.
I wanted to know when safex will be listed on exchanges for example.

Daniel in his update said the new listings on exchanges will occur after the transition on a Safex blockchain which will be in July, so new listings are going to happen by the end of August I think.

Yeah, after all the hype for the “release of the roadmap” this feels disappointing.
I mean, can you even consider it a roadmap if there are no dates? lol
I’d have been fine with quarterly approximations, for example Q3 for Safex blockchain and Q4 for marketplace, which have been mentioned a few times anyway. It would have been nice to see that written down.

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Roadmap = road + map, so it’s a map of the road, it shows what is coming along the road, it’s not a timeline of the road :smile:

Little bit disappointed in the Presentation of the roadmap after such great last video’s from dan i expected him of somebody else from the team to personally present Q2, and Q3…

Which could be still possible to do… :wink:

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Not sure what logic your using. But a road map would specify if something is 100m or 100miles away. I.e the distance to achieving something. Dates would be an integral part of this.


I just hope the marketplace looks as cool as that roadmap, and the main website. I have a feeling it will. But if it does, that will go a long way towards people wanting to come to, and use the marketplace. Everyone loves something that looks nice.

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Anyway… I bought more Safex on the dip…

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Daniel has just twitted this, you will have your dates soon

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I hope so :slight_smile:

I have an important question for you guys:

I have 1 million safex since September. I want to keep a maximum of tokens for 5 years.

However, _I need money in the short term…

  • According to you (I know it is an intuitive prediction), how much will be evaluated 1 safex when the token will be listed on an exchange ( for example)?

  • And, when would it be the smartest time to sell a hundred thousand of my Safex (in the 2 next months) ?

Thank for your advices

They kicked me in the dick.
They let alot of air out of my hot air balloon.
They ran over my dog.

Aroadmap is not a roadmap without a time line.

Yet I still have hope and still holding.

Pretty sure I’m a dumbass.


Yes, with a roadmap you have the distance, but you have to know the moving speed as well to get dates, don’t you? If you are going 50 miles per hour then you will need two hours to finish 100 mile race. But if you are moving like 1 mile per hour it will take much longer. So the roadmap can show you just the road, if you want dates you must know the speed also. But no one can tell you the speed because no one was on that road before. Maybe the road is bumpy, maybe you’ll got a flat tire, who knows what can happen and how much time it will take to resolve all? That is the logic I’m using. I’m not saying that you can’t estimate the speed, but predictions are heavy with this kind of stuff.


You are obviously not an engineer otherwise you would know that

  1. any roadmap is built on a timeline
  2. Velocity and any other metric should be defined in terms of a value and an associated error margin. A decent engineer should be able to provide accurate (value, error margin) pair. If you cannot provide estimates for error margins than you probably are not the right person for the job.

I say that holding big bags on Safex and really hoping that the new team will be able to deliver a working blockchain and marketplace this year.


Could not agree more

I was a strong believer in safex and ok lets say I still am (sort of). However I have come to a point where I don’t care that much for my safex holdings. If they do something ok if not well its history to me. I made nice profits on other projects so safex for me now can only be a bonus. Still hoping it succeeds but if it doesn’t I won’t shed any tears.

As far as roadmap goes I agree it should have some dates.