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Hello everyone,

I have safex coins stored in the safex wallet on my mac laptop. I use this laptop for daily use and I am worried I can get hacked or my coins can become lost. What kind of precautions can I take to secure my investment. I currently have one backup in a flash drive. I have ordered 3 more flash drives. I am worried I can get a virus or some sort of other program that can jeopardize my safex coins due to my daily use of my computer. Should I buy another computer just to store my coins? Also, I saw someone post that they lost their wallet and their backup .dat file did not work. Can this happen to me? Lastly, how do I make backups for my 3 new flash drives? Do I copy and paste from my original flash drive or do I export the .dat file plus keys to my new flash drives?

Thanks for the help

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I recommend to purchase an engraving machine and engrave your private key onto plastic strips. When this is done (after having it tested several times) delete the safex wallet + associated files from your computer and when you want to make a transaction, download the latest wallet version and import the private key. When the transaction is completed you delete the safex wallet files again…

You can also print it on paper, but paper is more vulnerable and over time ink might fade.

(if your safex holdings are significant, it would also be advisable to spread them out over various private keys)

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private key such as Trezor wallet ?

Is there any hardware wallets capable of storing Safex?

Officially, no. Technically, I’m not sure. Are there any hardware wallets that support Omni of Omni protocol tokens? If there are you could probably get it to work with Safex.

Instead of that route, what I would do is have a dedicated USB for storage, of an offline/air gapped laptop if I had enough Safex.

For the USB, I’d install a Linux bootable OS. Tails is good if you can manage a persistent directory correctly. Download the wallet files but never connect your USB to an internet-connected device. Only use if offline. Offline set up Tails, install your wallet, and generate your private keys. You generate your wallet key offline (to ensure you haven’t been compromised already)

Once you’ve done that send Safex to your new address (again, while your USB is offline).

If you don’t choose to go ask extreme as never connecting the USB to an internet capable computer, running a dedicated bootable OS is still a huge step up.

To answer your last questions on how to transfer to the USBs, it depends on your demand for security and your willingness to learn the technical side of security (it’s not difficult, it’s interesting).

If you’re concerned about the security of the computer your keys are currently stored on, I’d solve that first before worrying about backups. If you were already compromised now, made your three backups and deleted your currenet wallet, you could still lose your Safex if you’ve been compromised already.

That’s why I suggest sending the Safex rather than copying a backup.

How can I make backups on four different usb sticks? Do I copy and paste everything from the first usb stick to all the others? Or do I export the .dat files and keys to each usb stick from the safex wallet?

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If anything related to your crypto is on your everyday laptop, and if you want to be certain it’s secure, ie. Absolutely certain, move your coins and secure your new private hey.

You need to consider how secure anything youused that machine for is, if someone can access your email they can control any account that is linked to that email, fetlife account? Steam log in? Skype? All of these are attack vectors, especially when you hold enough. have you ever left the physical machine open anywhere? Even with friends, how certain are you your ‘friend’ wouldn’t screw you if it was for 7 figures? you can not be certain you never exposed yourself.

You made this post because your want to be certain you’re being safe. To ensure this, Transfer all your Holdings to a new wallet, create that on machine that does not connect to internet, bootable Linux USB , ask if you don’t know how to do this.

even if you just create a new wallet, transfer and then make 3 back ups of the private key is a huge step up in security. I really recommend physically engraving it on non perishable material and physically sorting it somewhere very safe, a usb drive can “just stop working” a physical copy of it is safe once is stored securely.

If you are very worried about the physical security of the private key, there is an option to split your private key into 3 parts a,b,c . Then make parts “ab” “BC” and “AC” Store separately ab, bc , AC, with a trusted friend/in a safe/encoded in a lottery ticket on your fridge/ tattooed on your genitals/whatever.

Any single part stored, ab or AC or BC is useless to access the wallet but any two of the three is all you need to access it.

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Recently I bought a new computer. This will be my main computer for web browsing, etc. I will use my other computer solely to store my coins. I also have 4 flash drives total. Is that enough security? I won’t be using the computer where I store my coins.

Thank you so much for your answer.

How can I transfer my holdings if I m not connected to Internet please ?

Could I put a wallet on a USB key ? (I have a bank safe)