#Safex #twm 2020

Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season!

A lot of progress has been made over the past several months and I’d like to thank @dandabek for the weekly updates and @Rich.bate for the marketing and news releases appearing in various publications!

In addition to the weekly updates and marketing efforts, and with the release of mainnet version 1 in the very near future, I’d like to request the addition of more video content, preferably on platforms such as YouTube.

Video content engenders excitement and credibility and makes it easier to follow the progress without necessarily needing to understand all the technical aspects. In a way, “seeing is believing”. The video showcasing the sale and purchase of the rocketship keychain was a great way to demonstrate how far this project has come. Looking forward to more video content!

Best Wishes to all for the New Year :fireworks:


Youtube is beginning to purge crypto accounts.


Hi @SafeTripHome

Here is a link to an article that just appeared on Gizmodo, which I only briefly scanned. But I’m hoping the article is signaling a reverse on their policy to ban crypto videos:

I’ve enjoyed watching every video (English versions) created by @dandabek, @Rich.bate, @joeycrypto, Altcoin Buzz, CryptoSarah and others with much enthusiasm!

Thank you!