Safex TWM and Particl

Hi everybody,

In first, sorry for my english. I’m not a native english speaker.
I hold SFT since 2018 and like everyone, I hope SFT moon ! :rocket:

But, I go visit the “Particl market place”. Can somebody explain me the difference between Safex TWM and Particl ?

Thx a lot for your answer !
Have a good day.

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Safex is designed as a completely decentralised ecosystem on the blockchain. Particl isn’t.

Safex has a better coin emission curve, which is based on economics theory.

Safex has a dedicated privacy coin for purchasing.

Safex protocol is an uncensorable blockchain.

Safex has staking of SFT for share of the 5% sales commissions.

I’m sure others will add further to the chat, but I’m outta time.


Hi @Cholan, your English is just fine.

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