Safex UI updates coming soon Preview here. August 22, 2017

Greetings everyone,

Pavle and I have been addressing many usability issues with the Safex Wallet. We will continue to do so through tomorrow as well.

We wanted to post a preview to show you that we are actively progressing with the update.

Features added so far:

  1. synchronization status indicators
  2. status message
  3. safex transaction fee requirements
  4. confirmation screen, transaction in progress indicator
  5. sanitation of various fields
  6. bitcoin balances are accurate non overflowing numbers
  7. a manual refresh button
  8. fee auto population is removed so no longer will it magically swap out the fee when sending transactions

More optimizations coming in tomorrow that we have mapped out, and following this will be the video of how to use this wallet.

Safex Developers


Nice to see this many updates lately. Even better to see you are actually working on users’ feedback as soon as possible. Keep it going! :slight_smile:


Great!!! I for one sure need a Video because I’m a Idiot

Thank you so much for the update! We all appreciate the hard work you all are putting in to constantly improve the wallet.


Good job guys (Daniel and Pavle), the wallet looks amazing with all those news features added. Keep up the good work!!


Wow, new updates! Nice! Looks amazing indeed!


Thank you for your hard work. I am with you and safex towards the great success. Thank you once again.


Dan and Pável,

Great work on continuing to improve the UI. This is such an important touch for new users and their overal UX.

The video will be even more important and can circulate once it is produced, adding more interest to the project.

Continued success, Team!


Would be nice to show the version of the wallet.


Awesome UI upgrade for the wallet. If we already have the wallet installed, will it automatically update or is that a manual process?


You’ll just need to download the new one and use it.

Looks great, thanks for the updates! I’d be pumped to see a USD converter to reference the worth of the coins.


we’ll do it

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Please add an option for the user to decide where they want it installed.

Sorry, if this has been already answered. Where does this wallet stores the private key? if on local machine then how safe will that be? If someone gets into my computer, will they be able to extract the private key from files?

Great job guys… keep it up.!!!
Odlicno uradjeno momci, samo napred !!!


Great, glad to see updates…

One thing i noticed on old version that should be addressed (if not in new version) was this:
I see the wallet file directly under C:\Users\username\safexwallet.dat

This should be at least under documents or even better give the user the option to put it where we want.

Has this been changed?

That has not been changed, what makes it an issue?

I would not say its a issue, but its not a good way to spread files all over the system (see the picture). If you look under that folder there is a good and clean way Windows has structured it.
You already have this folder: C:\Users"username"\AppData\Roaming\SafexWallet , so why not use that?
I been a programmer myself so i like to keep the system clean :slight_smile:
You can even create a folder under document which is better then this. Also its more professional to keep things organized. Simple one liner code really to change the path :):wink:


And great that you added status for network. You could maybe add some sort of hover info, saw a counter today but wasn’t sure what it was for. Maybe add some info there. I guess its a timeout but people will for sure be confused.


I wanted to put the wallet file in a place you can so easily find it. It is encrypted so it is safe to be in plain site. Hope that make sense the reasoning why I did that. Finally the location is signifcant to the application. If you move it you will bug it out.

I agree with @vampyren,

It’s nice to have everything in the SafexWallet folder he mentioned above.

Side note…
There may come a time when developers create “add on” files to enhance the wallet. When that happens, you know it has become popular!