Safex Update November 25, 2018

3 years have passed since the Safex Crowdsale took place in 2015. Since then we have established a worldwide network; a capable software development team; and a well managed mechanism for success.

We have launched the safex blockchain that sustains proof of work mining safex cash; and a transferrable safex token. The migration bridge is established and 290,000,000 safex tokens have been distributed through the transparent process.

The Safex Wallet is now on v0.0.7 which incorporates the migration process: those crowdsale tokens (safe exchange coins) hosted on the bitcoin blockchain and transferring them into Safex Tokens and receiving a factor of the Airdrop (Dividend) for having hodled for such time.

We’ve launched up an alpha marketplace, and have listed for sale Icons with the Safex Logo set in gold with optional diamonds. These will activate for sales now that we have established listing of Safex Cash on two exchanges: and

The most significant thing happening now are measures to enable more mining on the safex blockchain. In order to have a stable future for the currency, is a stable and secure mining network. This is why Safex Developers has released the 1 Click miner. It is available for windows, mac, and linux platforms. It activates your CPU to mine safex cash over a pool. This is an easy way where you simply download the software, set your address, and hit “start”.

Safex Developers


Wow, i want to buy one of those. Where is the marketplace site?


Exchanges just got listed this week; we are sorting out the safex cash wallet aspects, then sort the exchange integration and then: we can publish a completed store front application :sunrise_over_mountains:

Everything is in good shape, with Monday should be a first roll out of a safex cash wallet embedded in the mining software. This is unlike having a mining software embedded in a wallet.

If we ship the main wallet with a miner; then you will always get warning from antivirus that its mining software.

If we ship the miner with a wallet inside, that’s okay because you already expect some antivirus warning. So they follow a totally different design with how keys are handled and such. This is the best approach from my observations to provide functionality as well as compartmentalization of utilities of the apps.


Correct me if I’m wrong - next version of one click miner will allow us to send/receive/import ??


You’re right. All above mentioned will be implemented in 1 click miner v2


Hope to see more products on the MP in the future!
It’s happening !!!


Now it’s all starting to come together. Every day I’m excited to see new developments that are transforming e-commerce. :clap:


What’s the difference between safex and safex cash? Can somebody point me in the right direction to mine safex cash? Hardware and software suggestions please.




safex -> Safe Exchange Coin is the old token to form the community, this coin was formed on the bitcoin blockchain
sfx -> Safex Cash is the currency of our network obtainable by proof of work mining
sft -> Safex Token is the same as Safe Exchange Coin except migrated on the safex blockchain

Safex Tokens will enable you to earn fees from transactions that happen on the Safex Blockchain in the form of Safex Cash


When it comes to mining Safex cash ( proof-of-work coin ), you can either mine using 1 click miner app which is far more easy for tech noobs or invest heavily and run a graphic card or few. A separate dedicated computer is ideal for this.


It’s interesting to watch how everything unfolds. Safex signals the beginning of the next generation of ecommerce