Safex Videos

Hi, I’m Michael from the UK, I create animated explainer videos for a living, but also like to create quick short promo videos for social media posts.

I am trying to come up with ideas for Safex, and Safex Cash and the Marketplace - and open a discussion for creating a full on 1-2 minute explainer video to help new comers understand the magnitude of potential success from being an early investor.

Ideas welcome, I have a new video coming out in about an hour (once it finishes rendering) - my last twitter post video yesterday got 1000 hits so far - this next one, maybe more!

All i ask for in return is maybe some donations of Safex or Safex Cash as I do not have many currently, and the Wife won’t let me invest any more money into crypto at the moment (so i need to make crypto money from my videos).

I’ll post a link to the latest video when it is published.

Here is a link to the last one i did:




I’m blown away by both of them,your videos really stick out.
I’ll pitch in as soon as I come up with smh


I have another new video today - a community effort video - Vote for Safex to be listed on Numex.