Safex wallet 0.0.5

Hello all – I just downloaded the mac 0.0.5 wallet and it syncs up but shows my balance as 0 safex. I can load my balance fine in wallet 0.0.3 still. Any suggestions on what to do to get it working with 0.0.5?

PS – It loads up my address just fine. I didn’t import a walletdat file though I just typed in the password that works for 0.0.3. When I upgraded to 0.0.3 I only needed to type in my password and the balance appeared fine.

Click the ARCHIVE button and then the HOME button.
Or the TO ARCHIVE followed by the TO HOME.

Best wishes!

Thanks so much – I read this after I posted. Working fine now. Much appreciated. Go SAFEX!

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This wallet seems to work on both 32bit and 64bit.

my turn to ask about the wallet just put the new wallat and no safex so i hit the archive button and home and nothing i see some small amount on the top for safex but nothing to the left on the safex of each wallet i have 20 or more wallets i have not seen this mentioned?(edited)