Safex Wallet AVG Malware block

I am still waiting (over a month ) to download Wallet. I tried today Oct 22 thinking that the team had adjusted it … I still get MALWARE block . WIndows 7 AVG anti virus. Please help. Thanks ! :wink:

The team will most probably update us all when they have been signed.

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Thank you… :wink:

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Put the wallet in AV exception list, problem solved

Ok … I was waiting for Dan to get clearence. I wanted to make sure all was safe to download the wallet from Safex. Have you done it? That sounds like a good solution, not sure why no one else has come to that conclusion. thnx

This was from the most recent update, new wallet release Thursday should solve the problems

It’s a false positive… there is no virus in it. Uninstall that Norton, ESET, BitDefender or Avast you got since these are pretty useless anti viruses, they never detect viruses but detect false positives