SAFEX Wallet charging 0.00354180 BTC fee for any amount of Transaction. Really?

I’m Seeing a fee of 0.00354180 BTC for any amount of transaction I would like to make. I feel like $18 fee is too much. How do I get my Bitcoin safely without paying this Huge fees. Feels like SAFEX wallet is just looting people. Please take a look and Advice

The safex wallet does not get any of that fee. It ALL goes to BTC miners in order to get them to confirm your transaction no matter how large or small it is. If the fee is too small then your transaction will never be transacted, if small then it takes days, if minimal then up to a day.

Remember safex is an omni protocol token and uses a tiny BTC transaction to carry the safex transaction inside of it.

If you make a transaction on Coinbase for $100 they charge maybe $5. Something is Fishy here.
Not sure If I ever use SAFEX wallet again. I hope People out there are aware of this High Fees.

Well obviously since they are an exchange and that is exchange fees and not BTC mining fees.

Also exchanges often cover some of the mining fees (like bittrex) when you send from the exchange to your address because they make the money on the buying/selling of coins.

Bitcoin transaction and Safex transaction are different. Safex transactions are bigger in size so they cost slightly more than a Bitcoin transaction.

Also you can choose the speed. There’s nothing fishy, just you need a little more information.

If you use Safex Wallet as a Bitcoin Wallet by selecting the Bitcoin you would see it’s much less to send Bitcoins.

We make no profit from the fees of sending transactions. You better ask first next time than throw accusations.

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when depositing bitcoin into the safex wallet, just use the same address as the safex coin?

That’s right. Just use the same address.


thank you !

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