Safex Wallet Update v0.0.3 November 1, 2017


The wallet update is now live and available for download:

Safex Wallet v0.0.3 Update

Feature adjustments

Copy and Paste using keyboard shortcuts
Archive of addresses from the home list
USD value of Safex and Btc Balances
Signed Binaries by Safex Developers

All support requests should be directed to the forums or issue on this github repository.

We are actively submitting this version to the antivirus companies. Since the programs are now signed this should permit us to get Whitelisted for antivirus companies. This will still take some time for those companies to process the programs and add them to their whitelist.

Safex Developers


I love the smell of rocket fuel in the morning. Thanks for the update Dan.


Great! Love your dedication, let’s change the world!

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Thank you, Dan and the team for the update!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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great job , love it , looks fantastic

You guys are on fire!

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I found bug. For me, If i archive a wallet and then put it home again, Safex coins/balance dissapears and its necessary to restart wallet

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Same thing with creating new keys

This requires just a refresh action, which can be bypassed by restarting the wallet if you can’t wait a whole 2 minutes (max). Think about it: You just told your wallet to ‘archive’ and it did. Within 3 seconds you press home. Your information needs to be extracted from the block chain again. Takes minimum amount of time and will only be faster in the near future. Therefore: No bug, just impatience(??) :wink:

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As expected: Smooth working wallet, haven’t suffered any problem yet.

Although 1 day ‘old’ … would it be possible to add the SAFEX/BTC price in next updates as well? Very handy, especially when market place is open as well. I suggest next to the Safex & btc dollar values would do.

Well if you archive an empty address it shouldn’t reset the address with the balance. Not a big deal but just thought that Dan should know

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Thanks for reporting this, I was aware of that; although it will be adjusted in a future update not long from now (couple of weeks/third week in the month). We’re getting our process as a team down and it is now flowing well, between design, code, sign, and release.

This is the case of more rapid releasing, there will be some quirks. That’s why some game developments take 5 years without a single release, so that there are no quirks. So that’s the trade off, we need to release, and may have to sacrifice addressing a small issue for a more recent release.


@Craig94 Of course. My duty towards safex is to report bugs. He must be punished. Safex is about perfection, because its for customers. I think Dan will be more happy with “Complete Fuckwit” who is not satisfied like ME than with a guy who is fanatic and is prepared agree on that “shit is gold” because he is in love with his investment.

@martin.fd I couldn’t agree more with you, I was more referring to he consistent swearing. Got nothing against it as I swear a shit load, but we should probably not over do it or it may make our community look scum from another investors point of view, especially if they’re really religious.

@dandabek I’ve had a play with the new wallet v3, I think it’s great. Just a couple things to take note in for future updates mate,

1 - it’ll only allow you to copy/paste wallet address using keyboard shortcuts, will no longer allow me to right click with mouse etc. me personally i don’t mind this as I’m great with computers but for someone who’s not familiar with keyboard shortcuts this may be an issue.

2 - Like @martin.fd has previously stated, I was having a play around with the new archiving feature, it’s great and I think it’s a brilliant idea, but I’m not going to lie I archived my wallet address then when I brought it back to the home page screen I had to refresh it then log out/ log in again before it would show my coin balance. For a second I almost had a heart attacked coz I thought I may have archived my investment for good! :joy:

3 - My absolute favourite feature in the new wallet so far is the USD value converter. Just means that I can see what my investment is worth without having to jump online, but what I was wondering is if it would be at all possible to put AUD in the wallet as well? Just for us aussies as we can be quiet lazy and sometimes can’t be stuffed converting shit haha.

4 - I was just wondering if there will ever be a possibility of being able to buy and sell our Safex directly through our wallets? Or maybe ever a debit card like Btc, Tenx or Bloom etc?

5 - Lastly when would Safex wallet become Android & Apple friendly?

Thank you @dandabek and the team for your excellent work and efforts! I am keen to see how alpha unravels and for what 2018 will bring for Safex.


I installed v0.0.3 on Win7 without issues.
Imported wallet.dat file from v0.0.2 to new install in no time.
Holding in nicer wallet

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will there be an update on the wallet that shows you the amount of coins you have? I have 20 different buys and always buying more it would be nice to see how many I am holding.

@brucegp13 not sure what you mean, the wallet shows your balance if you have your coins stored at an address that is in the wallet.

I have made so many buys 20 or more buys so every time i need to add up 12,021 and 986 and 1,0233 and 200,433 and so on i wanted something that showed the the total number of coins so i do not have to count or write down a number remember it so when i buy more i have to write down another number, etc

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are you storing each time you buy on a new key?

You can use one key for everything

btw I see what you mean, can put a total somewhere on the UI (combine all keys totals)

FYI: I noticed today the safex/ dollar value doesn’t synchronise.