Safex Website Update Proposal

Hello guys, its Nikola, i have been working on Safex website update. I created a unique approach to website design and the way users interact to get to latest news. You can see that we stand a side from usual website layouts you were seeing around the web and crypto websites in general and we are introducing something really new and fresh. Website will be full witdh, some background elements will be animated, all elements on homepage will be dynamic so you are always in the loop with latest news from Safex. Hope you love it like we do and we cant wait to hear your feedback guys. Cheers !

P.S. Be sure u download and zoom the image on 100% since it is a rly big image. Thanks.


Well done! Seems to look alright…

What does this mean? Do I have an option of identifying what type of safex holder I am, purchase or donations?
What about getting some merchandising going already?

I am not a big fan of this pattern as well. To me doesn’t belong in the ‘picture’.


Love the designs & theme, very cutting edge and clean. One issue I have is the background can be a bit distracting. Maybe add an opaque overlay (or blur effect)?


Consider that I am seeing this for the first time since request made 1 week ago (this was done on purpose so that we can discuss together on the same page as a community). My criticism is that it is too focused on current events as a landing page. There needs more expression of the relevant information about safex platform rather. It appears 50/50 between updates and information about the marketplace/token/currency. So Actually the ratio of presented information should go less about updates and add more focus on the immediate description about Safex.


Come on guys, how is this being released online before the CEO has seen/approved it!?!? The internal communication needs to be more organised imo.

As for the design. I like the layout and location of the content.

The background as mentioned by others is too busy. I think the look needs to be lightened.

A white background would look sharper and more professional with the blue theme retained for all the boxes of content in the centre of the page… The black/blue just seems to give something like a subconscious dark-web feel.


@marubozu… this was done on purpose. -_- :expressionless: @marubozu.


Oh i see. Apologies.

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So in place of two of the “blog” squares, I imagine infographic series that explains the utility of Safex Token and the Safex Coin as well as the marketplace, and all purpose of the Safex Platform.


wow awesome job :slight_smile: love it

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Lovely work!

Colours, patterns, general design and positioning all great IMO.

Much, much prefer a dark background to a white background.

I like Dan’s idea of focusing more on Safex.

Excellent work Nikola!

Everything A-OK as is, just focus more on Safex and I think we have a winner!

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Lower the opacity on the scribbles on the background

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Also, I have to say I am rather impressed this was conceived in only one week!?

Wow :slight_smile:


It’s really nice! Wow beyond expectations! I love how we can access all media from the website. I usually have Daniel’s twitter open, YouTube channel, Safex forum, coinbase etc open to follow up. Much easier to do so with the new design. Add more focus to actual company info and what the objectives are, as Dan said above. Overall great direction

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The graphics look nice and are a good differentiation, but I believe the layout should follow conventional website designs. Before this post, I’ve only looked at other privacy coins and their layouts. They are all similar. I won’t link because you can easily find these.

BUT I also decided to visit and look at the top 20 coins’ websites, and they all have a wide full screen, top menu. with a scroll down style. Maybe IOTA has a bit of a different style, but it’s still a scroll down website. I am in E-Commerce, and the top websites consolidate into Amazon, Walmart, styled layouts because the general user will recognize how to use these websites and expect the same thing when visiting other websites. Generally, this is a good rule to follow - working off of previously successful models as far as user experience is concerned. Because the top 20 coins follow the same layout, I would also believe that the same layout provides an easy way to gain legitimacy points on the marketing side of things as well.

EDIT* Sorry I realize the current design also has that style, but the information isn’t segmented well and is a bit cluttered.

Thanks for reading. Hope it is helpful.


I do agree that it’s a safer bet to go with a traditional 12 grid layout design, with header/body/footer, and white background with text.

If we’re competing with Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. This design may be too different for people to be comfortable with.


It looks cool but I think the site would benefit from a brighter,simpler, and more welcoming design. Once affiliate marketing opens up, less technical people will be directed to the site to invest. Many of these people will likely be new to Crypto and Blockchain and will be investing on the concept of the marketplace. A brighter design that is easier to navigate would be much more approachable for this demographic. This proposed design looks cool, but is dark,intimidating and gives an aura of wrongdoing. It looks like a video game advertisement. Look at this design ,then go to Amazon’s. Amazon is bright, really easy to navigate, and welcoming.I understand that the marketplace design will likely look different than the Safex website but IMO the Safex site would still benefit from a much more welcoming design for (hopefully) the new investors that will directed to the site to invest in the project.


I don’t like.
I don’t see the “really new and fresh”.
It looks like an old website with no inspiration.
It could be more “user-friendly”.

it would be better to do that in more than one week. :frowning:

I really respect what you have done but I see you are trying to provide more information in smaller size. The site looks good but looks like trying to stuff more in smaller area

I like the fundamentals of the proposal, as well as the current design.
I agree that the design for the marketplace and the corresponding coin should be less darkish, but that is another topic.
Imo safex should appeal to the people that want to be involved in the company and future developments.
The project has a big technical aspect. So i think its OK to be space / futuristic / technical.

The entire theme could be a bit brighter though, without loosing the fundamentals of the design.
Maybe fade the background to white, towards the bottom. So you end up with a moon/planet and stripes on a white background.
Or use more white in general, like borders around the blocks and so. But hey i’m not a designer :slight_smile:

The striped pattern looks like abstract meteorites, are they?. I like it, but maybe the big pattern on the left is too present.
I like to see different parts of info on the home screen, it invites to read on.
But i could be a little less crowded.
Maybe place less info next to each other and tile it horizontally (below each other).
I like it when i see all relevant info on one scrollable page, but i also have the option to quickly navigate to specific info with a menu.
A page wide block of generic info about safex could be on the top, and the other blocks below that.

Like it so far.
It’s brave to just put it online and have it shot at.
I like the discussion and this is a great way to collect input and develop it in iterations.
Keep up the good work!