Safex Website Update Proposal

I don’t like.
I don’t see the “really new and fresh”.
It looks like an old website with no inspiration.
It could be more “user-friendly”.

it would be better to do that in more than one week. :frowning:

I really respect what you have done but I see you are trying to provide more information in smaller size. The site looks good but looks like trying to stuff more in smaller area

I like the fundamentals of the proposal, as well as the current design.
I agree that the design for the marketplace and the corresponding coin should be less darkish, but that is another topic.
Imo safex should appeal to the people that want to be involved in the company and future developments.
The project has a big technical aspect. So i think its OK to be space / futuristic / technical.

The entire theme could be a bit brighter though, without loosing the fundamentals of the design.
Maybe fade the background to white, towards the bottom. So you end up with a moon/planet and stripes on a white background.
Or use more white in general, like borders around the blocks and so. But hey i’m not a designer :slight_smile:

The striped pattern looks like abstract meteorites, are they?. I like it, but maybe the big pattern on the left is too present.
I like to see different parts of info on the home screen, it invites to read on.
But i could be a little less crowded.
Maybe place less info next to each other and tile it horizontally (below each other).
I like it when i see all relevant info on one scrollable page, but i also have the option to quickly navigate to specific info with a menu.
A page wide block of generic info about safex could be on the top, and the other blocks below that.

Like it so far.
It’s brave to just put it online and have it shot at.
I like the discussion and this is a great way to collect input and develop it in iterations.
Keep up the good work!

I agree with you @dandabek. Website must be more focused on introducing the people useability of Safex ecosystem [token, marketplace, dividends etc]. People must be educated to buy Safex in order to get dividends instead of making profiits from pump like everywhere else.

Also it would be good to have a section for entrepreneour who already want to be hosted on marketplace - that would be good move to collect those contacts, so after start you can very quickly have a lot of stuff on the market.


I love it!
Also prefer a dark background than white ones + great design - this is perfect!
It’s very nice to see that safex team is producing more content, and it is important we are getting updates like this, thanks for that also

Attend to the lowest common denominator, someone who knows very little about the project should have a basic understanding of what SAFE X is, and how they can use it at first glance.
Im sure plenty of us have explained SAFE X to friends/family and they stare back with a blank face, this home page should clear up straight to the point.

Colour scheme is great, has a digital/future feel.
Space background, yeah i think its good, different. Could be intimidating to some, :expressionless:
Possibly use the same design/colours for the market place only with a lighter vibe projecting a “friendly” place to shop.

Keep up the good work! Absolutely loving the forum and social media the team uses.


That’s a solid design Nikola, looks great.

I agree with Dan about more relevant information about safex. A key part of safex is that its an ‘anonymous’ marketplace and this fact isn’t well presented in the current website design either even though that’s a key standout point about safex, unless we’re keeping that fact… anonymous haha.

A quick video explanation on the front page is always easily engaging for people to quickly learn about what their seeing.

If I was to remove one thing most likely the blog section, the recent updates get covered with the top left section which I like so maybe something more relevant for that blog space.

Overall Im a big fan of it :slight_smile: keep it safe!

Most of the comments covered the main points.
I’ll add some suggestions for consideration.

  • Page Background: Perhaps a (day/night) mode on the web page would appease almost everyone. They can adjust the page to their liking.

  • News & Updates: should be on secondary pages, not the home page. Most visits come to the home page to get a brief… “what’s this about?” understanding. If they want to know more, they navigate the tab menus. A clever way to let regular visitors know what’s “new” is by having the tab menus “highlight, animate, or flash” when there has been an update or change in past 7 days or past 30 days.

  • FONT: needs to much be bigger. I realize we have a lot of information to display. But keep in mind, people read the page from their mobile phones. A small font is really annoying, forcing them to stretch their phone screen to see the text. Also, trying to “touch screen” a tiny menu icon is frustrating.

  • Intro Video: I know we have a videos page. But I strongly suggest putting the (introduction video) on the home page. 90% of new visitors will immediately click on the video… and read the text later.

You’re doing a great job Nikola!


Is the role included in the design of the line?
If the safex logo uses a planet as its motif, I think that curved design has a more unified sense than a straight line.

I think that because “The project has a big technical aspect”, the design should be not futiristic, technical but very user-friendly.
Peope worrie about technical stuff. Look at PayPal, and many other successful technical project

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Agreed. Keep it simple so some poor soul in Guinea-Bissau can also market his/her mango’s on the marketplace not having to worry about developed world’s sanctions, embargoes and trade restrictions applied to the African continent.

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Thank you for your work on this project Nikola.

The community has offered lots of good ideas and suggestions and I imagine there will be a lot of things to consider before the final version.
But you have gotten off to a great start with your creative and forward thinking!

I liked the idea of having a menu bar at the Top of the Website. It makes it easier in my opinion to find the kinds of things one is looking for and also by adding sub menus you can actually pack in a lot of stuff without having to display everything on the main page.

Three ideas that have been mentioned by Dan Dabek and others that I think should be available from the website (not necessarily on the main page) are:

  1. Continued focus about the relevancy of Safex and the marketplace, their utility and purpose.

  2. I do like the “blog” because I feel it’s beneficial for the community and others to write about and share anything they’ve found useful or purposeful. Blogging is a way of sharing something, anything, that allows people to connect with others, often spawning opportunities never dreamed of
    (a good place to access the blog is from the Top menu bar that could launch from another page, not necessarily the main page).

  3. Amazon, eBay, they all provide opportunities for others to engage in eCommerce, not just the opportunity to purchase things but also to sell things. Maybe the website would be a good place to host opportunities such as this for those wanting to start a business, with the relevant resources made available.

My thoughts and assumptions, possibly incorrect, is that the Safex Website will be the “gateway” to the marketplace.


Thank you all for the feedback guys, i appreciate it a lot and i love to hear what you all think about it and after all i posted here so we can get constructive criticism to make it perfect :slight_smile:


The website needs to be very welcoming to the 99.9% of people who are brand new to cryptos. It needs to provide information in a simplistic, digestible way. Too much clutter and they will leave the page and most likely not return. Links to other pages is important to be able to provide the information needed. Focus needs to be on what Safex is and how it benefits both the investors and society as a whole.
Clutter = intimidating = failure to capture audience

Simplistic, highlighting our strengths = welcoming = the user feels safe to explore the site more


mmmmm yeah, maybe you’re right …
i think it depends on whether this site mainly targets the (long term) safex holders that want to keep up with the companies news (thats what its for imo), or that this site eventually will be also the place to attract new people to use the marketplace/chillecoins. in my imagination there will be another website for that purpose, but maybe i’m wrong :slight_smile:

Some crypto sites I like: (super clean, good layout) (cool backgrounds, page transitions)

Honestly it’s not hard to make a website like, I could probably crank that out in a week’s time with the proper PSD/Sketch files & image assets.

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Dan, Nikola, and SAFEX Community,

Having read through the thread and comments here, I am wondering if we could have a distinction between SAFEX Investors and the SAFEX Marketplace. The SAFEX Investors could be directed to a portion of the site that utilizes the graphics and ideas that are expressed above.

The SAFEX Marketplace - - “Safe Exchange” - - could feature entry points for Buyers & Sellers. This would look more like a traditional Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, etc.

What might also be helpful is to create a Site Map for the website in advance of the Design elements. Knowing what we want to include in the website can provide some insight into the design elements.

IMO, @dandabek, having a separate area for Investors, possibly even a separate Login Area, to handle voting, engage in the Forum, review marketing and policy ideas, as examples, may support possible investors to see the distinction between the marketplace and the investment opportunity.

What do you think?


Fresh, and not boring. Like IT!!

Even if our site is beautifully designed, it is only an empty shell without content. A good website has both great design and great content. Therefore, we need to make sure our pages has unique, original content that makes it worth visiting.

Cramming too much into each page creates confusion. Visitors get frustrated when they have to scan through rows of links and images to find what they are looking for. By keeping our pages simple, our website will be easier to use.

The overall look and feel of our site are the first thing our visitors will notice.

At the top of our page we have latest videos which are outdated and becoming boring. Searchability

The Forum next also last update 19th July? Searchability

Then twitter do we need this on top of page? Searchability

We should use key products to attract new visitors for example:

Website visitors prefer a simple, intuitive navigation system, the process or activity of accurately ascertaining one’s position and planning and following a route.

Allow breathing room

If I’m totally wrong sorry for my comments.

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