Safex wins 'Coin of the Show' podcast!

Congrats :confetti_ball::tada::champagne: to #Safex @safe_exchange for winning the @Coinboyspodcast “Coin of the Show”vote! We enjoyed the push your community gave toward the poll​:+1:

We’ll, have some announcements on tomorrows weekly episode. #winners #podcast #crypto #bitcoin #Cryptocurrency #exchanges


Very proud of the Safex community, Dan Dabek and Balkaneum, and all of our fans of Safex who believe in this project.

I think there is genuine good will with this project and I believe that is the reputation Safex is becoming known for.

High marks to @dandabek, @Rich.bate of Safex News, Balkaneum and so many others for the truly great work and commitment to the success of Safex!!!