Safexd windows configuration instructions?

Safexd windows configuration instructions? Details for SOLO mining setups?


Windows instructions are after the Ubuntu instructions…

Just be sure to use the latest Mainnet release, not a testnet release.

I solo mine other randomX coins. I understand how the rewards work.

Safexd-windows 6.0.0 is the version I found online.,and its running… its almost synced.

Were are the instructions you mentioned? After ubuntu? where ? link please.

And thank you.

Scroll through that post I linked until you get to…

I don’t see information connection various rigs to the NODE.

Is there a configuration file for the node server?

For node mining, you simply run the start_mining within the daemon, or alternatively you can install xmrig and point it to your local node, using a config.json (same info as in the Ubuntu section)

Sorry, but the method of connecting other rigs to the node is beyond my knowledge.

ok, so that means I have to install the NODE on every RIG? I have 10 RIGS. 10 NODES?

That does not make sense. Hum… This is short of setting up a private pool .

I want to contribute, I think the coin may potential, but it apparently for what I see, it is difficult to do in a

windows environment, not to mention Ubuntu I don’t even see if It can done, I’m disappointed.

No, you don’t have to install a node on every rig. It is possible to point your rigs at your node. But I don’t have the technical expertise or knowledge to help you do it.

ok, thanks