SafexNews.Net goes social!

Well… After popular demand I’ve gone and created a Facebook and Twitter account for Safex News. I’ll be channelling our posts and comments through these channels in the future, along with the forum and Reddit posts.

You can follow SafexNews here:

Safex News is designed to supplement Safex’s own marketing efforts and is run entirely by the Safex Community.



Thanks again for your interest in exposing SAFEX to a broader audience and sharing insights from the Forum that might not make it to Reddit or Discord. The SAFEX Ecosystem is rife with news and information.

Have you considered doing a Q&A with Dan and/or other members of the Team that could be posted to the website, a “Get-to-Know” the SAFEX Team segment?

Hi David.

Thanks for the suggestions. I actually have some very similar plans in the near future, including a podcast and more regular community conference calls.


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Has been added to my favorites.

This is great @Rich.bate thank you for this! I’ll be bookmarking it that’s for sure!

@Rich.bate i dont know how i didnt know about safex news before!!!- it is absolutely great! all important informations, aricles… I love the way how Safex Affiliate program has been explained step by step WOW! I added this page to my favorite! good job!


I didnt know too. But the most thing right now is, that we found it, and it is never late to be part of the SAFEX! :heart_eyes::muscle:

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i feel like a part of family now :joy:

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