Hi community. Id like to say happy new year to all , and kudos for weathering the storm.
I see less and less negative comments and am finally starting to feel very proud to be in this with all of you guys and gals. I hear theough obvious pressures , XVG released their alleged Wraith protocol. I must say its a great lesson for me to see the value of a well timed and technically correct release and Im sure thats what we’re in for. Big hats off to Dan and the team for never straying from their game plan regardless of many pressures. Lets be honest , Safexers are a rowdy bunch and theyve taken us on a mystery tour , which Im sure is in the right direction. Congratulations brothers and sisters, the strength and resolve of our community is unmatched in the crypto space.


I feel for the XVG team as they are getting alot of pressures from outside as well. Safex will have similar issues if not already, and are thinking bigger things market places etc. Wraith was only a wallet update pretty much at this stage but the concept is great. NXT i think had a token account drop over last few days and not much heard from it. If i was Safex i would have just sat back and looked at what reaction they received. They seem to have fizzled slightly and the timing may have been all wrong ? Not sure.

I have so far enjoyed by short time with the community and I can say they are definitely loyal and dedicated to helping making things work.