SCAM ON TWITTER impersonating DAN

I fell for this scam Last week I pointed it out to Dan so he could prevent you peeps from falling for it he reported the twitter account and now there back again with a new one please read the users name carefully.

Daniel Again thank you for the way you replied to my warning your about these people really have to commend you for your behavior

See what happens when the community teams together

Daniel Dabek please share with the community how you responded to me when I reported this scammer to you last week. All post the screen shot as a reminder Daniel notice the z @ the end I was on my bosses twitter account remember Daniel

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Fake account still up

I received info from twitter that it will be removed; please feel free to post any impersonators here; I will submit the necessary info the remove them. Just link to the twitter account; no screenshots necessary



The reason why I left screenshots so people see what it is and warn them it’s been up since the 28th

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The above post is still on your twitter account been the since the 28th how many of your community member going to fall for it is the question

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@richyrich pressuring me doesn’t help at all… it’s not up to me if twitter is not removing the account; I did my part and submitted the impersonation claim.

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Thanks Dan Love the Project I don’t know how twitter works so all we can do is warn the community