SEC on C-Cex voting

7th place at the moment, next coin is picked in 17 Hours ,

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that .2 btc is what I put there; :blush:

I did reach out to Poloniex; with a reply that the team “is aware”
EDIT: recently, within a week


Already Voted!





@dallyshalla it would be nice if SAFEX had a coin voting mechanism in the future like C-Cex. With over 700 coins it could be a small fortune…

And maybe instead of letting people wait for 7 days, you could also have the option “Add my coin right now” for the price of 1 BTC.

I will vote on the 15th of may, because we will be living in interesting times then :stuck_out_tongue:

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Actually if you use the SAFEX assets, you can list immediately and for free

Not tooo worried about c-cex really


Ok I just voted 6x LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok next coin is picked in 20 hours , 9:00pm UK time, SEC is 3rd now & only 0.1 away from being 1st. Any supporters witih spare satoshi??? I should be able to throw some in later today.


it might be the most inexpensive time to get listed to c-cex, if people want to go for it no problem.

next one i put 0.05 btc
who is with me?
mayb it help spread the word and put on new exchange

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i’ll help 2, but lets try vote in last few mins so as not 2 encourage a bidding war!!!


ok check back for friday to do it

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saw its gonna take a lot of coin so hold of for next week

mayb two weeks