SEC on NEXT Exchange

Hey Safex peeps,
Been pretty heavily invested in Safex for a while now (Long time lurker), and thought it was about time to make a account and get involved…:love_you_gesture:
Damn Excited to see what is coming up this year.
Anyhow, I know there has been a recent effort to get Exchanges to stop listing SEC (am I right?)
If so, it looks like Next Exchange has been over looked. They have been quiet of late, but they are ramping up for a new release of their exchange etc…

Really, I just wanted to check whether Dan or the team knew about it, as I think clarity is quite important regarding the SEC/SFT (already confusing for new investors).
If it’s already known or not an issue, well at least I’m no longer a lurker😬

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Yes there is no more effort regarding the old Safe Exchange Coin. We will not be putting in any effort to get it listed on any other exchange.

We have since moved over to a new Blockchain (November last year) and the window to convert your old Safex to the new blockchain closes November 2019.

As far as i’m aware, NEXT gave up integrating Safe Exchange Coin because they were struggling integrating basic functions.

Edit: Just found their post regarding delisting Safe Exchange Coin back in August last year:

If they’ve continued and decided to keep Safe Exchange Coin on their exchange then i’m not aware of that.

Either way, it’s a defunct coin once the migration window has closed. We have always said there will be a dedicated blockchain for Safex as far back as 2016 and that the Omni Protocol which Safe Exchange Coin is on was only ever a placeholder until then.

All focus will be on Safex Token (SFT) and Safex Cash (SFX). Currently listed on Xcalibra, CoinDeal, LiveCoin and InstantBittex (SFX only).

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Great, thanks for clarifying. Missed that reddit post…