Secure transfer/storage of Safex Tokens to Safex Wallet

Could anyone advise on the following question? (Maybe of interest to many Safex Token owners?)

Many people currently hodl Safex Tokens (e.g. in paper wallet or in Omni Wallet), awaiting future transfer to Safex Wallet and so onto Safex Blockchain. When that time comes, which transfer method below will be most secure or best, and why?

  1. Create new private key when logged in to Safex Wallet, then do regular transaction (on BTC blockchain) to send Tokens (e.g. from Omni Wallet) to this new Safex Wallet address?

  2. Import existing private key manually (e.g. from paper wallet), directly into Safex Wallet?

  3. Any other suggestions? Or is there no difference between these methods in terms of security?

(Method 2 much cheaper than Method 1 for someone who will want to store their Tokens split between several different addresses - BTC transfers now too expensive!)


Method 2. Easy as that

Thank you!

Can anyone tell me why, when I try to transfer my BTC out of the Safex Wallet, it says “Pending”, then “Sent”, but then nothing actually gets sent, I don’t get a TXID?
I have asked this question five times now, including sending a PM to support on Safex website, but nobody is home…

I have never stored BTC in my safex wallet. You could add your private key to many other wallets compatible with BTC and send that way I would have thought.

I’ll try that,

I transferred Safex from my Bittrex account over 24 hours ago, and it still hasn’t shown up in my wallet. I simply copied my wallet address and pasted it into Bittrex. The transfer is showing as complete on Bittrex, and I am able to view the balance for my address on Omni which is reassuring. Can I access the tokens on Omni to send/receive or do I have to wait? I’ve read that sometimes transfers can take days, but I just want to be sure my tokens are safe and see if there is anything I can do to expedite the process. I’ve read through a few threads but didn’t find a clear-cut answer. I have the latest version of the Mac wallet, and it has been opened and synced since I made the transfer. I’ve logged out and back in once. Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Archive, then un-archive the address in Safex wallet.

Ahh, thank you so much. Sorry if I missed that suggestion elsewhere

I have a large number of SafeX tokens purchased through Cryptopia. I downloaded and installed your wallet then sent 2000 SafeX coins from Cryptopia to the new SafeX wallet 3 weeks ago! Yes I did use the receive address displayed in the SafeX wallet. My balance is still 0, ZERO!. Cryptopia is displaying the transaction as complete. I emailed the SafeX support requesting help over 2weeks ago- I have had no reply and have noticed that many others have complained about the same issue. What is your response please?

The answer is just one post above yours

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There’s no helping some people :joy:

Thank you S4FEX it worked as you said