Security question

This question isn’t really about safex specifically, but it could be depending on where exactly you store your coins.

So what happens if you lose google authenticator? Say you have it installed on your phone, or a tablet. Or even a laptop. And that gets lost or stolen. Do you just download google authenticator on another device, and login to it? And once you do, all your saved accounts that you started on google authenticator, will just appear? That way you can still log into all your places that require it?


You download google auth, THEN you have to manually enter the 2fa codes back into the auth.

If you did not copy the 2fa codes onto say paper when you initially setup each 2fa then you are sunk and need to contact each site and go through their process to cancel the 2fa.

If you still are able to get into your accounts then you can on each site cancel 2fa then reenable 2fa and copy onto paper the 2fa code and reset up google auth with the new 2fa


Well I did copy the 2fa codes, and I have them in a very safe place. So that is not a problem. What I’m asking is, say I lose my device, where I have google authenticator installed. Well, I have to replace the device. So I replace the device.

Now what do I do, to get google authenticator back up and running properly? Just install it, and log back into it with my google email address? Then my previously listed accounts on the authenticator, will reappear? Since they’d be linked through google authenticator, to my google email address? Just wondering what happens if you lose the device where google authenticator is installed.

Like I said

They should not as this would be a security flaw. But that might happen. It is google after all, they don’t really care

Ah, ok I get it now. Thanks rob. I shouldn’t have any trouble then. I’m just wanting to cover all my bases here, for backup purposes. Small devices can be lost.

Next question!

I need to upgrade to the latest wallet. Can I just use the old wallet to export the .DAT file, and import that into the new wallet? And thus it will show all my coins in the new wallet?