See merchant status (last active/gone)

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Since I was advised by the sloth to put it in the forum and I’m too lazy to type it out again, here you go. The idea is basically to have an easy way to determine whether a merchant/account is still active or abandoned (lost his keys, given up his business, on a break, etc). As a buyer you would not like to buy a “ghost-listing” (yes, I like that word) and never see your product. Looking forward to hear your opinions and discuss.

Edit: As an escrow provider later on, you can probably step in line, check the status of the merchant and send over funds only after successful checkup.


i think this is a good idea, if someone doesn’t log in for X number of days, then can take them as inactive… i think this is the cleanest…

then when inactive delist all his items

I would also add that mercent has to accept payments after x-amount of days (like a week or so) if a key is just lost this would return funds to buyer again.

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But whatever we speek about here is not v1 stuff, future stop should stay like that and improvements come in v2

Great idea, too! :+1:

Sure. :ok_hand:

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There will be merchants who operate ad hoc accounts and might only sell an item once every X-months, like classifieds in newspapers. Also merchants who would like to buy and sell a particular title market domain would be excluded if deletion was driven by last shipped item date or last active date. Not to mention the private and anonymous sales.

Normally the reviews would give the right indication about the status of a merchant. Personally I am against involuntary deletion of accounts since they also delete the reviews of buyers. I think an account must remain an account until closed by owner.


I do definitely NOT vote for deletion at all. All listings should stay online as it is intended to be in the censorship resistant marketplace ecosystem (you would just see an info like: seller of this listing last active on… etc.). Mex’ proposal is elegant, that the funds would go back to the buyer if the merchant didn’t confirm the sale. (How could this be solved? Buyer sends funds from address A to address B. If seller confirms within x blocks, funds get automatically forwarded to seller address C (5% fee distributed). If he doesn’t confirm, they get sent back to buyer address A (5% fee not distributed).) My idea was just to have an indicator of last activity. Every user can then decide for themselves what to do with this information. Thanks for the input!

edit: of course the reviews will paint an accurate picture. If you read in the last 10 reviews that they didn’t receive a product, you would probably not make a transaction to the merchant. Anyways, there always will be a first one and Mex’ or mine proposal would help to reduce those cases. Again, escrow providers could/will solve this problem, too.

What comes to my mind is the items that are not big sellers but items looking for that one guy that’s looking for it…
I mean you could put on sale a collectible, a hard to find old part for a bike, etc that will not necessarily find a buyer on the spot.
So lets say you need a part, your looking for it, find it for sale, and you see it was listed on 2019, some 2 years prier, then you would send a message to seller; hey do you still have the part ?

So really all I’m saying is some items for sale you want and expect to linger on in the hope someone want’s it…

Humm thinking out loud, maybe there could be some items put on a listing that is not for buying on the spot but that you need to contact the seller first. and then the seller would open the buying access.

Don’t mind me just got back from work with a back pain…


Will there be a total amount for offer rating ? For instance 1000 items where sold will there be a sum like
0 = negative 50
1 = neutral 30
2 = positive 577
3 = trusted 343
Then you click on negatives and see their feedback . then you click on trusted you see their feeback comments .
So you have the full picture.

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Here’s the current testnet cli wallet output…

Here’s another…

Thanks , yeah i can see the AVG but where is the total , what if there are 700 ratings ?
For instance in 700 ratings there are 8 negative i want to see those 8 comments without searching through all of them. Also it would be nice to a total amount.

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At present, with the Testnet and only cli wallet interface, you see it as it appears in the screenshots.

So if you had 700 feedback comments and ratings on an item, they would currently all be listed in totality. In the cli wallet, you could scroll through.

As to how the GUI wallet parses that information to the user, I also wait to see it myself. Perhaps you’ll be able to filter it to just 0 or just 3, etc, or sort by star rating. We can only wait and see, at this stage.

But please remember, this is just the v1 testnet formatting.