Seeking clarification...will there be one or many marketplaces?

Which is the direction of the marketplace?

1.) Is the marketplace going to be similar to say Amazon, where a person goes to the one main site and then navigates from there into various categories to seek out what they are looking for? Another way to put the Amazon analogy would be walking into Target or Walmart, where a person can find many different items inside one location.

2.) Or, is the marketplace going to enable different developers to utilize the backbone of the marketplace to create a wide array of websites, which can cater to more specific good/services/etc? In this analogy it would be more similar to a person walking around the mall, buying different items from individual stores within the space of that one mall?

It seems like it would be better for the marketplace as a whole if users who are 100% on there for legal goods/services do not see illicit things on there, for fear that those users may become turned off to the marketplace due to fear, moral beliefs, wanting to keep the knowledge of the site away from their children, etc., where as an ability to have different marketplaces depending on what user are seeking allows that user to ‘control’ which door they open.
In addition, the marketplace needs to be regionally easy to navigate, since a user will not sift through services which are of zero interest to them. (i.e. a person in the Texas looking for maid services, but having to sift through maid service available in Europe, S. America, or other states outside of Texas in the US).


Any help here would be appreciated.

@parlaygambler He says that developers will help bring people to the marketplace. I’m taking that as multiple marketplaces.

Dan also says that they’ll be spending considerable time creating the API for people to access this backbone

I think approach 2 is better, because it’s adding more decentralization on top of Chili. This way, it will be WAY harder to shutdown the marketplace.

If one goes down, people can always go to a different Chili marketplace.

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Definitely what I’m hoping for. Chille being the currency to spend at multiple marketplaces catering varying consumers, especially since labor services would need to be more regional anyways.

Many, many, many markets.

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Yes this is a blockchain application, anyone can effectively build a “wallet” application for our marketplace and people can use it to trade.

Our team Safex will definitely make it’s branded marketplace built right into the safex wallet ideally.

There is a big conversation about the censoring abilities, which we can come up with a few solutions that will actually please many people.

We ultimately can not censor this marketplace, otherwise we must censor everything. Yet we must not make it a nasty looking marketplace, and hiding nonsense is something we should do. So the marketplace application must do that somehow, and the people need the right to block content for themselves for sure.


Fantastic to hear this! Once all is in place, please let us know what we can do as Safex holders to spread the word in our region of the world. Getting the word out to able developers/e-com resources is critical.


Yes, I’m hoping SAFEX will cater towards developers, and give well documented API endpoints for them to work with. This way developers interested in different niche marketplaces can help SAFEX grow in a grass-roots manner.