Sell my safex?

I have an important question for you guys:

I have 1 million safex since September. I want to keep a maximum of tokens for 5 years.

However, I need money in the short term

According to you (I know it is an intuitive prediction), how much will be evaluated 1 safex when the token will be listed on an exchange ( for example)?

And, when would it be the smartest time to sell a hundred thousand of my Safex (in the 2 next months) ?

Thank for your advices

If you need more money and can’t find another source, you don’t have much of a choice.

How much will Safex be worth once listed on another exchange like Next? It’s impossible to say. I expect it to either pump or dump due to the new liquidity. Probably a pump followed by a dump.

The best time to sell will be on the lead up to a pending release, or on the day off. Price drops after. However, since Safex is notorious for missing deadlines you can’t bank on rumor or official announcements on release dates for thinks like the blockchain or Marketplace.

If you knew when the first version of the blockchain will be released, I’d sell a day or two before and the day of, maybe the day after. We could see that in June or July, so if you can wait thats an option. Otherwise the price increase around the roadmap stuff may have been your best chance to sell.


safex is listed on bittrex or not, i saw its logo thre

Thank you :slight_smile: