Sell your items in fiat currency

In the whitepaper there is an example of selling a teacup for 5 Safecoin. Will it also be possible to price your items in fiat currencies? For instance 1 teacup for 5 euro’s.

I ask because the prices of cryptocurrencies fluctuate more than fiat currencies and selling something at a stable price would be logic.


Certainly, I forsee that we will include multiple currencies, and a person can choose the currency that they wish to accept. If it is dollars, a person can issue a contract to sell the item for [insert payment network protocol here]

So you can replace it with bitcoin, maidsafecoin, safecoin, ether whatever that’s been programmed before can be hot plugged

For simplicity’s sake I’ll start with Safecoin, and include Bitcoin since solving bitcoin has solved using maidsafecoin; which will make Safecoin transition and usage seamless.


I would also advice to just use in combination with SafeX.

Tether, Nubit and BitUSD are substitutions of the Dollar, so you don’t even need to keep the government issued Dollar around. Maybe it would also be logic, if you can keep multiple cryptocurrencies in your SafeX wallet, the community should pay the devs to include their favorite coins.

But likely Shapeshift will add SAFEcoin in the future and it could be the bridge for people to send money to the SafeX.

I said this in the past, it might also be worth it to support of payment methods (SEPA, Okpay etc) like or just work with them.


That’s a very interesting post.

Will we see something like that in Safex?


That’s a great demo, plenty of good information there. So through the development process I hope that we can cover as many payment methods as possible. So that interested parties can identify with at least some of the payment methods and establish the marketplace.