Selling 60000 Safex at 555 anyone interested can contact anytime Thanks!

60000 safex at 555 satoshi sale !!
if you buy right now ll get at 500 satoshi/safex !

Why? Hold mate i will regreat it

I will buy it later actually I need btc right now!

Why would anyone buy at 555 when there is over a million safex for sale on for 317

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trade satoshi is not working right now I deposited 10k safex weeks before not a single safex shown till now I have 70k safex in total but now 60k left I don’t want to risk more there !
if they are ok on buying side I will sell at their price !

I have been trading on it for the last week without any problems, including deposits and withdrawals. So I might suggest checking what went wrong.

Plenty of others are buying up that 1.3 million offer and don’t seem to have a problem.

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are you sure your safex deposits are available there?


I have sold safex I deposited and bought safex and withdrawn both BTC and safex successfully

250 sats now on tradesatoshi

they are replying coin is under maintainance did you deposite this week?

Tradesatoshi is not under maintenance for a number of days and only for the last few hours has it been under maintenance

Please check my chat what they are saying are they lying?

No it seems possible. When I posted further up the wallet was OK to the best of my knowledge at the time. Maintenance can occur in between me posting and a person reading. My last post said it is under maintenance

I deposited safex on the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 26th. But did not withdraw safex on those dates.

So I suspect that the maintenance can refer to withdrawals even though deposits can still occur. This is possible depending on how their wallet is designed. For instance they could have a deposit node wallet and a withdrawal node wallet. And only the withdrawal node needed maintenance.

EDIT: Just checking a withdrawal and it seems to allow me to withdraw and does not show wallet under maintenance, I did not go through with it so it may show that later on or just allow it and mark it as pending. But deposit shows wallet now as under maintenance.

I deposited on 12/21/2017 10:08 AM to till now safex are not visible if coin is ok in between then I deposited days before?
its like who deposited during maintainance didn’t get coins and those who deposited when coin is ok get coins how can this happens?

I assume you are talking of tradesatoshi still

If you deposted on the 21st and still do not see them in your account, then I would be contacting them. But you may have to wait for the wallet to be out of maintenance since that will be their excuse, understandably. They are only moderators in the first instance talking to you and they will try to deflect first off.

Check your history (deposits) and see what it says. If it says deposited then you could contact them immediately and ask what happened, If it does not show (or is waiting for 6 confirmations) then you will have to wait for maintenance to be over.

Also check the transaction itself on one of the explorers and see if it has confirmations. If it was slow confirming then it might not have reached 6 confirmations before the wallet went into maintenance.

All my deposits had reasonably high fees paid to speed them up. If you had low fees then it might take 6 days to be confirmed the 6 times needed.