Selling SFT from v.007 to Xcalibra

I have SFT and SFX on wallet v.007
How can i sell them by transferring them to Xcalibra exchange.
Please help


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Your new coins are NOT in the old migration wallet. They only show in the migration table to indicate you successfully completed the migration process.

You need to restore your new Safex… address into a wallet designed for the new blockchain.

Prior to the December hardfork, that would’ve been via the Orbiter wallet or cli wallet. Since the hardfork, only cli wallet has been fully functional, while we await the new GUI wallet release… TWM wallet is expected any day now.

If you can’t use cli wallet, then waiting for twmwallet is your best solution. Then you can restore from keys or mnemonic seed.


Thanks for reply.

At this stage, can i download any wallet and get my tokens an transfer them to exchange for trading?

I checked the website, but cannot find new wallets for download.

Given that you indicated you want to send both your SFT and SFX to Xcalibra, then the only wallet absolutely able to make multiple txs right at this moment is the cli wallet (as the Orbiter wallet will likely hit an error on the second tx attempt, given that it is no longer able to update its outputs after the first tx).