Sending from coinspot to safex wallet

Hi. New to everything. Have some safex coins with coinspot. Coinspot is de-listing safex and I want to save my coins.
When I try to send the coins I have to my wallet it says that I don’t have enough coins.
Any idea how many coins are required to send. I have more than the fee…but I guess I’m not understanding how many i actually need before I can send to a wallet.
Any help would be appreciated.

You need to subtract the fee 100.00000000 from your balance to get the amount you can send. It also must be greater than $3 worth.

E.g. Coinspot Wallet Balance 1000.00000000 - 100.00000000 fee = 900.00000000 is the amount you send/transfer to your SAFEX wallet.

Hope that helps :wink:

Thanks will give it a go now. :grinning:

Coins sent…now waiting to see if the arrive in my wallet.
Thanks again for your help.

No problem… I sent all my SAFEX from Coinspot yesterday and it took ten minutes to go though. It can take longer but you should see the pending transaction from your SAFEX wallet :+1:

I DO appreciate your help!
Show’s pending coins in wallet :smiley:
Now just how to decide where to trade safe x after coinspot.
Still believe in the coin…just have to weather the storm!!

So no issues with the transfer, I have 30k in coinspot wallet I need to send to safex wallet.

All went well thanks. Wallet shows my safex coins so happy chappy :grinning:
Wallet seems very easy to use…unlike another one I tried for a different coin.
Good look and Merry Christmas

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I just sent mine too. Did it take long to see in safex wallet

About 10 minutes for me

Mine still says pending in coinspot

Did your’s show up or still pending?

Yes it was pending in coinspot wallet for like 10hrs

It was on the blockchain at 8 last night


I am l trying to send from Coinspot and it just does nothing. I have copy and pasted my import key, typed the correct amount of safex and put my google authenticator code in and hit send and nothing happens. Has this happened to anyone?

Did u check your email. Confirm the transaction

how long did the transfer take i have been waiting 6 hours now for my safex coins to tranfer from coinspot wallet to safex wallet :frowning:

Does it say “pending” in your wallet…also mine didn’t seem to do anything until I entered the “amount” on the bottom line of the wallet.

Also did you read Nelson’s replay above…it took ten hours.

it didn’t say pending but arrived overnight… i transferred more today and showed up as pending straight away… no not sure whats going on 2 transfers in 2 days 1 was hours the other minutes.