Sending to Exodus

I sent bought SAFEX using Bitcoins from my Exodus account. In Safex I then sent the Safex coins to my Exodus account. It has been 24 hours and nothing has arrived in Exodus?

Not sure what you mean, where did you buy them from?

I sent Bitcoin from Exodus to to buy Safe Exchange coins.
I gave Safex by Exodus link to send the Safe Exchanges to Exodus for storage in my wallet.
No Safe Exchange Coins have arrived

better discuss the details in private, sent you a PM

Also, please be aware that it could take up to 24 hours to process your order.

I’m new to crypto however I use the Exodus wallet and as far as I know there isn’t a Safe Exchange Coin option to store them on it. If you sent Safe Exchange Coin to that wallet It probably did not go through or you have lost them. As I said I’m new and I’m not an expert but just look at your Exodus wallet and you will see there is no Safe Exchange Coin listed in it. I bought some Safe Exchange Coin but when I sell it I will buy Bitcoin first on the Exchange then store the Bitcoin in my wallet. If someone else knows if this is correct please respond.

@dwigon since you are probably able to get to your private key from exodus wallet you should be able to recover your safex.

The key to recovering SAFEX and hence on the website it says “By Checking this box I Acknowledge that I have accurately supplied the bitcoin address for which I possess the private key. I know that no one can recreate them for me in the future.”

@AllanEcc and I communicated, and I’m sure we’ll be able to recover them

I too use the Exodus wallet and have contacted them about storing SEC on Exodus. They explicitly do not support this. It seems likely that you may be able to recover your currency, though this is beyond my level of understanding at this time. In short, ultimately end for the time being I would not expect to be able to store your Safe Exchange Coins on the Exodus platform.

I’m currently storing SEC coins using the Electrum wallet, which actually simply creates a reference deposit on the wallet with the actual account balances reflected on This was very confusing to me at first and caused me to believe I had been hacked. Thankfully not, though I’m still figuring out how I now move those assets back off of that holding method and onto an exchange. :slight_smile:
Good luck with your efforts…

I use zumminer wallet, it is more good than exodus.