SFT on more exchanges

We need more seller accounts so definitely SFT needs to be listed on more exchanges.


Yes agreed! But…

imo it is important to keep SFX and SFT together, because its a 2-coin system and it is weird that you have one asset on the one exchange and not on the other exhange… having a 2-coin system probably is already confusing for most new people, and will be more confusing and more error prone if you can’t get them on the same exchange… (what is what? Is it the same chain? Or is it somethin else, or a fake)

Also having to subscribe to more then one new exchange to use the chain/marketplace will be an additonal obstacle


Or you could change the requirements for seller accounts.

Like what?

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If it’s about seller accounts, I think that the foundation faucet seller registration I mentioned in the past is the solution.

People can put their email, desired username and the faucet will stake the coins needed to make a seller account. This will make onboarding so easy, it can even be done in the app.


Does this have a positive or negative effect on the SFT price? Like for example if 1000 people need 1000 SFT the price of SFT goes up. But what with this method? Does it also effect price?

I really don’t know. Nor am I concerned about that.

I am only concerned about adoption, and I think exchange listings will increase adoption. I also know that if someone really wants an account, they will get it one way or another. Remember people will want more than one account, so they’ll need more coins.


Since we haven’t reached the amount of donations yet to get to the target I was thinking of some ideas that might help with engagement, they may not all be feasible but I’ll put them here as a sounding board:

  • Use a raffle format - Every $X gets you a ticket (Maybe this could be some commissioned safex art, A personal meeting with Dan, etc.)
  • Donating gets you a unique badge/tag on the forum
  • Donating gets you an autographed letter from Dan - this wouldn’t cost too much but would be a neat collectable in the community
  • Donating gets you priority access to the upcoming chat rooms

Those are some good ideas, for sure @astralite, and in the right direction.

I think the big reward is getting a good exchange. I’d point out we had an interest check, and I see a lot of members awakened and came forward, so I can’t say we didn’t reach, we did try for it yet. And the interest check seemed really promising to get us at least to a strong stepping stone.

Keep the ideas coming!


Nice ideas Astralite , we can also post a Wall of Fame on the Safex.org with the donator’s usernames or names who will choose if they want to be mentioned with an option button.


why not get us on a dex?


@dandabek any update on the new exchange for SFT? Also very interested about the new Safex roadmap and new coin listings on Xcalibra if you could give the community an update


He said soon there will be a huge update