SFT - Safex Token

so does everything on Safex have to be traded against Safecoin? Or can people trade for different currencies? Can Shapeshift be integrated?

Initially yes, it will probably be all Safecoin; as the primitives of safex are sorted and published, focus will go in other areas such as going from safecoin to bitcoin and back.

Shapeshift is a possibility and I’m sure will be simple to integrate with their api; Just remember they are a vending machine for cryptocurrency, simpler to use no account, yet can also malfunction between when you start the trade and when it finishes.

@zeb realize all these alt coins and confirmations times -_- that’s where we’re moving away from

ok I get it now. thanks for the clarification. read white papers as well. so making much more sense. how can we get more activity on bittrex exchange? I’m bored out of my skull. :grin:


Ok Dan. If in the beginning of SAFE Network, Safex is the first and only app, i believe it’s fair to say that 1 SEC = 0,1 x Safecoin (MAID now - or ~ 0,1 x 20.000 satoshis = 2.000 satoshis). That’s a short-term target.

But, necessarily, SEC must follow MAIDs fluctuations.

There are three forces in the price of SEC: i. the chase of a part of MAID, 10% (always up until we reach now 2.000 satoshis) at top, ii. fluctuations of MAID (could vary) and iii. fluctuations of Bitcoin.

Now we are seeing the allignment of those two forces i. and ii…it’s pumping +60% as i write this.

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Also it got listed on bitcointalk a couple of days ago, and we are seeing effects of that too.

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There are a fe robots that I had written; I had not updated them recently for bittrex, and have been meddling around in the poloniex.com/tradingApi with Rust, it’s quite great… Along with the poloniex api I will publish.

The Bittrex has a robotic trader which needs a code push update, besides poloniex api, expect an update on safex development regarding transaction forming. That’s sure a big step as we then will be ready for integrating with SAFE Network;

While this week will be transaction forming, it will still be another week or so before a CLI is ready for everyone to try or see and await SAFE Network connection;


Good work @dallyshalla proud of you man

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great, thank you david for doing this.

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Many thanks; striving to make it the best it should be: private to your comfort, real-time - so quick. And the ability to discern the marketplace and trade with integrity.

@troya certainly, Daniel, :wink:

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Things starting to heat up out there :sunrise_over_mountains:

The big speculation on SEC is how much Safecoin might it earn residually when we’re live with SAFE Net editL in terms of when Safecoin will avaiable

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@dallyshalla when the safecoin was tied to the safex coin thats when all hell broke loose. Owning Safex coin is a double bonus not only will you be having value on the exchange coing but also the safecoin residually.

Little bit of speculation : the safe exchange will flood with safecoins upon network release


Is it like an eBay and silkroad at the same time ?

SEC took a hit yday but thats not strange cus of the low price people bought the coins for.

MAID is about 30.000 satoshis and SEC is sleeping.

There are three forces in the price of SEC: i. the chase of a part of
MAID, 10% (always up until we reach now 2.000 satoshis) at top, ii.
fluctuations of MAID (could vary) and iii. fluctuations of Bitcoin.

Even if we account 1% (not 10% of SAFE reward for the totallity of all Apps developed), fair price of SEC is 300 satoshi, not actual 80 satoshis.

Waht a ridiculous assymmetry.

To be fair, there is no “fair” price, the market decides what the price will be, if it will be 70 sat or 3000 sat.

Thanks for your correction, i meant intrinsec, logical as fair.

It’s stock market “language”

Seems someone has bought up around 35 million SEC in the last day pushing the price higher.

On the distribution window for SEC on bittrex the list of the top 50, particularly the top 10 who hold most of SEC on bittrex has remained fairly consistent for a number of days with only relatively minor movement, The big fish had just under 30 million, and the next around 15 million, the next 4 around 9-12 million each, then sharp drop off.

NOW the big fish as been moved to position 2 and the others moved down one as well. The new big fish has 35 million and everyone moved down one position with the same approx holdings.

Hey, do you have a link with this ranking?


click ‘distribution’ tab

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Man, it’s rising a lot, the profecy of 1% of MAID (at least) is happening.

I wonder…we go to 10% of MAID, or 2.600 satoshis?