SFT/SFX ratio

Inspired by a post on discord, I thought I’d post here.

What is your current or ideal ratio of SFT to SFX and why?

For me it is 10:1 SFT over SFX as I’m in for the long term fee share as a passive income one day.


I initially had a ratio, but abandoned it. Couldn’t even tell you what it was now.

Instead, I accumulated an amount of SFT that would provide a comfortable income with a vibrant Safex marketplace in operation.

And I then got 3 rigs to mine SFX 24/7. This has resulted in my ratio changing over time, as my SFX continues to grow with each mining pool payout.


Only SFT here.
SFX will automatically follow soon :blush:


Since there’s around 6x more SFT still, it was only inevitable to have more SFT even to this day, though as mining is not very competitive and the price is very low I continue to accumulate SFX simply because it is opportunistic, very much within reach to acquire larger % amounts 0.1% for $1,000 or 1 million coins, which is lower than it ever was in the past.

I do not expect that to last forever, so I take every chance I can to get some more SFX, though I’m not sure it will catch up to my SFT holding in quantity.