SFX Mining Contract

I’m looking to rent hash power from Dan’s mining farm. I do have some concerns since I was burned last time - they have increased cost of renting hp as electricity costs went up.
Will this be one-time price of purchasing the mining contract or could vary depending on maintenance costs?
Thanks in advance!


I’m sure soon we’ll be informed about rental conditions and price, most likely hash power will be rented at fixed price. Nothing to worry about.
If any extra costs come up we’ll be notified before signing up.


The basic premise of the contract arrangement is that your initial fee includes the cost of the GPU, electricity costs for the year, and general maintenance. The fee will go up according to how many GPUs you buy.

Then at the end of the 12-month period, assuming all the hardware is running fine and doesn’t need replacing, you then pay a yearly maintenance fee, based on whatever the expected costs of running are for the year ahead.

The maintenance /renewal fee will be a lot less than your original up-front cost when buying the cards.

Summed up - you pay for the hardware and a year’s service up front on year 1, then each year after that you just pay a yearly maintenance.

That’s the rough framework anyway - full details and T&C will be given out closer to launch but at least that’s the framework we want to aim towards.


Sounds like it could be a little bit more expensive than anticipated for the first year. Some were suggesting it will be eur 200-250 a year for renting 1 card, when I assumed more like 800 >1000 Eur, let’s wait and see.


Take for clearing this matter @Rich.bate
I’ll definitely go through terms & conditions once renting hp becomes available. I’d love to use the cloud to earn SFX


They’ll inform us when this all gets sorted out. For now we all have to keep an eye on the forum for further updates :eyes: