Sign a petition for Binance

I’ve come across a petition for putting safex on Binance! Your signatures won’t hurt our chances!

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Signed @cryptoshadi

I’ve signed but I’m not sure how effective this petition will be unfortunately

Hey have we got a eta at a market place

There is nothing as of yet that is set in stone. As of right now the only methods to trade or exchange safex are via the discord channel using the relevant trading sub-channel or within the telegram trading channel where you can exchange with other community members I’m sure once a new exchange is confirmed it will posted on Dan’s twitter and within the news/updates section. :slight_smile:

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thanks for the reply il keep an eye on it .

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You are welcome we are all patiently waiting, these things take time unfortunately especially after the recent ongoings but the reaction of the community only goes to further solidify the strength of safex and the belief in the project and vision that dan is providing!

Yeh I don’t understand why people think abuse will solve problems alas enough has been said about this whole issue this may be one of the cons of crypto as these people would never go into a bank and talk like that internet warriors are truly a plague upon the earth


Petition signed

Totally agree! You attract more bees with honey!

Signed!!..please for people that are new on binance please do sign up with my referrral link: thanks